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15 ways to Generate Passive Income Online

15 ways to Generate Passive Income Online
15 ways to Generate Passive Income Online

Income that doesn’t come from a regular employer that takes a lot of labor to create and sustain is known as passive income (or unearned income, as it’s referred to by the Internal Revenue Service). Examples of passive income sources include investing in mutual funds or real estate, selling items online, developing online courses, or working numerous side occupations that don’t require active participation labor

In this article, we will tell you about the 15 best and easy ways how to generate passive income online.


1. Drop in shop

The dropshipping business strategy is setting up an online store where clients can look through and purchase goods. Dropshipping is thrilling since you don’t have to see or touch the things you sell. If you don’t have much in the way of starting cash flow, dropshipping is one of the best passive income prospects. Some dropshippers say that their yearly income exceeds $100,000. Dropshipping, however, is not a get-rich-quick scheme because it needs an upfront time investment to be profitable.


2. Online courses

Online course sales are now more straightforward than ever for instructors. You have few restrictions on how you may produce pre-recorded courses and begin selling them, whether your subject is marketing, illustration, or entrepreneurship. Online courses are similar to digital goods in that you may sell them repeatedly without keeping any stock or inventory, making passive revenue possible. Online teaching requires a small time commitment at first. You’ll need to create digital tools for students to use, such as templates, as well as an outline and recording for your course.


3. Blogging

Although starting a blog might be difficult, blogging as a business concept has become increasingly popular as a passive revenue source. You don’t need to be well-known online to earn money online nowadays. Just find them on one or two platforms, then point them to your website. A blog’s creation takes time. However, if you create high-quality content and promote it on your networks, you’ll gain a significant enough following to earn a sizeable income.


4. Affiliate market business

It entails advocating a good or service to a group of people. Because you receive a commission every time someone uses your referral link to purchase the suggested item or service, it’s a fantastic passive revenue source.


5. Handmade products

Given that there are already more than 4.6 billion internet users globally, there is a tremendous opportunity to start and expand an online business. You might sell on a huge number of web shops. While some, like video games or handcrafted goods, have clearly defined specialties, others let you offer whatever you choose.


6. Social media influencer

You may earn money each month by working as an influencer on Instagram. You need to create a network of admirers who share your interests if you want to use Instagram to influence people’s buying decisions.


7. Investing in the stock market

Stock investments are made to reduce risk and diversify your portfolio. This may be done through investing in mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and stocks that have high dividend yields and long-term income-producing potential. You must create and fund a brokerage account at a reputable financial institution before you can begin investing in the stock market.


8. Selling stock photos

If you have a nice camera, you may use photography to make a passive income by selling images online. For high-quality images and videos, stock picture websites like Pexels, Shutterstock, and other online media firms will pay.


9. Record audiobooks

Before you can successfully generate passive income from audiobooks, there are a few things you need to do right. Discover your field of employment, get basic editing skills, and learn good narrating methods. The majority of audiobook narrators are compensated with royalties, so if you establish yourself in the field, it is feasible to generate passive income in this manner.


10. Start a youtube channel

However, a successful YouTube channel offers a big potential for passive income if you have a long-term vision and don’t mind front-loading your effort. Passive revenue sources like affiliate sales, sponsorships, branded integrations, and adverts may all accumulate as you increase your content, clicks, and views as well as your audience.


11. Buying and selling of websites

On practically any topic you can think of, there is a website. What is ideal? Many of them regularly offer their products for sale and make large profits from things like affiliate marketing, advertising, paid memberships, or goods.


12. Selling NFTs

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are unique assets that are recorded on a digital ledger. NFTs have the excellent feature that the asset you store may be priceless. You may produce NFTs for anything, including video, digital designs, photography, music, games, and GIFs. Just be aware that producing NFTs that will sell requires an initial investment in time and minting costs.


13. Sell digital products

Consumers cannot physically touch digital items, which are assets or forms of media. These comprise files that may be downloaded or streamed, such as PDFs, Kindle novels, templates, and plug-ins. Due to their huge profit margins, digital items become excellent passive income sources. The asset just has to be created once, and your internet firm may sell it frequently. 


14. Print-on-demand stores

Print-on-demand can help you commercialize your talent if you’re an entrepreneur, designer, or creative professional. Working with suppliers entails customizing white-label items like t-shirts, posters, backpacks, or books, then offering them for sale based on individual orders.


15. Rent your car or place

Passive income is an idea that won’t go away anytime soon. The things you may keep are automobiles, boats, recreational vehicles, and even stock for a business. Using storage rental platforms is a wonderful approach to reduce liability risks since these platforms offer secure payment methods, contracts, and client and storage provider information.


Written by Avantika Mandar Chavan

Her name is Avantika Mandar Chavan a 2nd year law student currently pursuing her BBA LLB from Jindal Global Law school. She has a keen interest in various laws particularly ones concerning Mediation & Arbitration and IPR. She also likes to keep updated with current affairs and news related to  International organizations.

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