Benefits of Using CRED to Pay Your Credit Card Bills?

Benefits of Using CRED to Pay Your Credit Card Bills?
Benefits of Using CRED to Pay Your Credit Card Bills?


It’s quite simple to swipe your credit card while making a transaction. You make the most of the credit term and buy the goods you want. Even the greatest managers, however, are unable to keep track of the bills for the used credit cards when it comes to payment. If you skip even one payment, it may cost you a lot in fees and penalties, which can have an impact on your budget.

Keeping track of all monthly payments is a huge effort for people who use many credit cards. Keeping track of the deadlines each month gets exceedingly difficult. Several credit card customers have turned to the CRED application as a workaround for this issue. You may use CRED to better manage your finances and credit by employing a variety of tech-driven interventions, such as notifications and reminders.

Technology-driven interventions from CRED assist its members in better managing their finances and credit by sending them warnings to pay bills on time, finding unauthorized charges and analyzing accounts for insights.


Reasons for using CRED for Paying Credit Cards Bills

  • Making Timely Payments Every Month: When using many credit cards and a lot of bills, it’s easy to miss deadlines and minimum payments due on various days throughout the month. Your credit score will increase and your financial management skills will improve if you pay your obligations on time. Maintaining a high credit score enables you to receive loans at more favourable interest rates in the future. It is always preferable to turn on the auto-debit feature and payment alerts for this reason. By doing so, you can stay on top of the payment schedule at all times and avoid missing any payments. The CRED app assists in notifying members in advance of payments being made and also offer certain rewards for doing so. 
  • Paying multiple bills through a single platform: You may manage your rent, school expenses, insurance premiums, and phone bills with CRED in addition to managing your credit card payments. Additionally, CRED offers its consumers awards and perks related to liquidity. Thus paying payments on time has a new value to it if you are utilizing CRED.
  • Deals and offers: You can utilize different credit cards for different purchases with the aid of the CRED application. It makes it easier for you to keep track of the promotions that are offered on these cards and to access curated deals for CRED members. This enables you to save a lot of money on your purchases.
  • Identify Errors and raise Disputes: It is crucial to keep your credit report clear of errors. Here, CRED supports its members in maintaining a report that is free of errors. The application’s AI-backed mechanism enables users to receive notifications in the event of any suspicious activity or transactions on their cards. Additionally, the program finds and notifies of any omitted fees or additional expenditures on the billing statement. The CRED program aids in bringing up any issues with the billing statement that the credit card company sends.
  • Taking Control: You have total control over the credit cards you hold and the payments you make when using a program like CRED. You may receive a category-based analysis of all the transactions and determine whether there are any additional fees or costs imposed on you by utilizing CRED Protect.
  • Enjoy a Longer Credit Period: The RentPay feature of the CRED program is used by many of its customers. With this, you may use CRED coins as cashback while paying rent through the app and take advantage of a credit term of up to 45 days.
  • Rewards and Safety: All users have found the CRED app to be appealing due to the numerous incentives and offer it provides. The members utilizing the application are given these offers, which come in the form of cashbacks and jackpots. Additionally, the application provides a distinctive range of brands and goods at the CRED shop. Young users now find the application to be more appealing as a result. Users don’t need to worry about security because it is treated extremely seriously and all the data utilized in the CRED application is encrypted.
  • Pay Bills for Any Credit Card: You may use any credit card to pay bills using the CRED app. The sole prerequisite is that the credit card number and expiration date be legitimate. You may pay your bills by adding a card to your list of payments. However, you should be aware that the card you add to the application’s payment list will get reminders.



Payment of credit card bills is a hassle these days, but with the aid of programs like CRED, it becomes simpler to keep track of several due dates and the associated payments. The program guarantees convenience and safety. To maximize the use of credit cards while minimizing difficulty, CRED also makes sure that clients receive points and other perks.

Written by Avantika Mandar Chavan

Her name is Avantika Mandar Chavan a 2nd year law student currently pursuing her BBA LLB from Jindal Global Law school. She has a keen interest in various laws particularly ones concerning Mediation & Arbitration and IPR. She also likes to keep updated with current affairs and news related to  International organizations.

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