What is Kisan Credit Card and How to Apply for it?

What is Kisan Credit Card and How to Apply for it?
What is Kisan Credit Card and How to Apply for it?


India is typically thought of as an agricultural nation. A sizable portion of the nation’s population still relies on farming for a living. Up to 17–18% of the nation’s GDP is contributed by agriculture.

The government constantly developing new programs to assist farmers in such a circumstance. The “Kisan Credit Card” is one of these schemes.

Produce from agriculture is influenced by a variety of factors, with the weather playing a significant role. Crops are frequently harmed by thunderstorms, storms, floods, heavy rain, etc. Farmers frequently have to take out loans in these circumstances. They could take out high-interest loans from individuals and end up being burdened afterward.

The government created the Kisan Credit Card to solve this issue for farmers. The program was initially introduced in 1998. Farmers have the option to get loans through this program at a lower interest rate. Learn more about this plan by reading on.


What is the Kisan Credit Card Scheme?

The Kisan Credit Card (KCC) scheme was introduced in 1998 and calls for banks to issue Kisan Credit Cards to farmers based on their holdings. Farmers can then use these cards to easily buy agricultural inputs like seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, and other things, as well as to withdraw cash for their production needs. In 2004, the program’s scope was expanded to include farmers’ needs for investment loans for ancillary and non-farm operations. A working group led by Shri T. M. Bhasin, CMD of Indian Bank, examined the program in 2012 to streamline it and facilitate the issuance of Electronic Kisan Credit Cards.


Features of Kisan Credit Cards 

  1. Farmers are rewarded for completing their financial obligations for farming, other related activities, and post-harvest costs.
  2. Investment financing for agricultural necessities like dairy cows, pump sets, etc.
  3. Farmers are eligible for loans up to Rs. 3 lakh as well as loans for crop marketing.
  4. Holders of KCC schemes are covered by insurance up to Rs. 50,000 in the event of death or permanent incapacity. In the event of other hazards, a cover of Rs. 25,000 is provided.
  5. In addition to the Kisan Credit Card, qualified farmers will also receive a savings account with a competitive interest rate, a smart card, and a debit card.
  6. Flexible alternatives for repayment and a simple payout process
  7. All agricultural and related needs can be met by a single credit facility or term loan.
  8. assistance in getting monetary discounts from retailers or dealers as well as assistance with the purchase of fertilizer, seeds, etc.
  9. After the harvest season is complete, credit can be repaid over up to three years.
  10. For loans up to Rs. 1.60 lakhs, no collateral is needed.


Eligibility for Kisan Credit Cards

The following are the requirements for participation in the KCC program:

 Any lone cultivator that farms on their own.

  1. individuals who are joint debtors and belong to a group. The group must consist of owner-farmers.
  2. The KCC is open to tenant farmers, sharecroppers, and oral lessees.
  3. Self-help groups (SHG) or joint liability groups (JLG) comprised of farmers, tenant farmers, and sharecroppers, among others.
  4. Farmers engaged in agricultural cultivation or related pursuits like animal husbandry, as well as non-farm pursuits like fishing.


Documents required

  1. Properly completed and signed application form.
  2. A copy of an identity document, such as a driver’s license, voter ID, PAN card, or Aadhaar card.
  3. A copy of a document proving your address, such as your driver’s license, voter ID, or PAN card. The applicant’s present address must be included in the documentation for it to be accepted.
  4. Land records.
  5. A picture of the applicant the size of a passport.
  6. Additional papers, such as security PDC upon the issuing bank’s request.


How to Apply for Kisan Credit Card? 

The application for the Kisan Credit Card can be done both Online and Offline 


  1. Visit the bank’s website to apply for the Kisan credit card program.
  2. Select the Kisan Credit Card from the list of choices.
  3. The website will bring you to the application page if you select the “Apply” option.
  4. Complete the form with the necessary information, then click “Submit.”
  5. An application reference number will be provided as a result.
  6. If you are qualified, the bank will contact you for the next step in the process in 3 to 4 working days.


You can submit an offline application by going to the branch of the bank of your choosing or by downloading the form from the website of the bank. With assistance from bank staff, the applicant can go to the branch and start the application procedure. Once the requirements are complete, the loan officer at the bank may assist the farmer with the loan amount.

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