Blocknom willing to come up as “Coinbase Earn of Southeast Asia”

YC-backed Blocknom wants to become the ‘Coinbase Earn of Southeast Asia’

The prominent crypto-earning platform named Blocknom is available in Y combinator’s current batch. It has aspirations for becoming the “Coinbase Earn for Southeast Asia”. At the current time, the company has declared that it has raised $500,000. This was utilized with the process to seed funding from various terms like Y Combinator, Number Capital, and Magic Fund. As stated above the aspirations of YC – Blocknom are willing to come up as “Coinbase Earn of Southeast Asia”. Fransiskus Raymond and Ghuniyu Fattah Rozaq are the co-founders. They convey that these applications offer users an effective and safe manner to earn stable and appropriate income interest of up to 13% annually. The individuals are applicable to withdraw their capital at any moment without paying any fees.

There was an open-source project when these two people who were the founders and met at the time working on these projects. This was the time when the pandemic was just starting. In Indonesia, it seems that at the moment of COVID 19 the crypto industry was increasing and was on top of the world.

As per the surveys and research did by asking many of the users. It was found that no one is good at trading.” Defi is a stable and profitable way for earning money through the concept. While it is also been noticed that there were no products which have a similar competition in Indonesia. Thus, the company has decided to create things on its own. Defi partners include some of the terms which are Compound, AAVE, Terra, and Cake. Once the registration process is complete. The users who have their bank account can deposit stable coins. These processes were chosen by the founders as of the reason that they are most comparable to traditional bank deposits. Thus, it is feasible to access the new cryptocurrency individuals.

As per the statement given by Raymond. It stated that differs from investment apps by encouraging people so as to save their stable coin for the long term duration. This is related to YC – Blocknom is willing to come up as “Coinbase Earn of Southeast Asia” which can help you with complete details and brief information.

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