How to get LPG subsidy: All you need to know

LPG subsidy

Individuals who require government help are offered gas subsidies. Women from SC and ST categories, as well as other individuals who meet certain requirements, are eligible for gas subsidy benefits. Women from underprivileged classes, in accordance with the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Gramin), Tea and ex-tea garden tribes, forest dwellers, women who live on islands and river islands, SECC households (AHL TIN), and poor families are covered by the Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY), in accordance with the 14-point declaration. 

The minimum age requirement for Gas Subsidy applicants is 18.

In this article, we will examine the process by which LPG subsidy is availed by the people who meet the above-mentioned criteria.

How does one get an LPG subsidy?

To transmit the LPG subsidy money to the user, there are two separate procedures in place: one with an Aadhaar card and one without. Keep in mind that the LPG subsidy money is always deposited into bank accounts. Suppliers never contribute cash for gas subsidies.

What to keep in mind when completing the LPG subsidy form 

Keep in mind the following guidelines before submitting the documents to your bank and gas distributors:- 

  1. A copy of your passbook, a bank statement, a certificate from your distributor, a blue book, and a cash note that you would have gotten while booking a new gas connection should all be included in the attachments. 

    2. Verify that all of the information on your application form is accurate. The form may then be delivered to your bank or your LPG distributor.

How to apply for LPG subsidies without an Aadhaar card 

A distinct application process is required for those who do not have an Aadhar card or who have not linked their Aadhar card to LPG. Here is a thorough explanation of the alternative procedure: – 

  1. Go to the website page at 
  2. Select the ‘PAHAL Joining Form option under the ‘Forms’ page. The application form will be visible on your screen.
  3. Print this allocation form by downloading it. 
  4. Those without an Aadhaar number can omit from completing PART B of the form. 
  5. Complete the form with all the other information. 
  6. Send the appropriate sections of the form to both your bank and your LGP provider.

How to receive your LPG subsidy with your Aadhaar card 

The procedure to apply for LPG subsidy money from is as follows: – 

  1. Visit to get there.
  2. The two-part application form is presented on the screen; download and print it. 
  3. Complete the application form with all necessary information, then double-check it for accuracy. 
  4. Send one portion of the paperwork to your LPG distributor and the other to your bank account that is linked to your aadhar.

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