Best Child Investment Plan India

Best child insurance plan in India

Parents are always worried about their child’s future and give them a better life, a good education, and a healthy life, but to fulfill the future needs of their child parents need a deep pocket. Therefore it is always advised to parents to devise a financial plan to assure their child’s future. So, in this article, I will cover some best child investment plan and their plus point.

What Do You Mean By Child Investment Plan?

A child investment plan means financial security for the child’s future. Parents or guardians buy a plan to secure the child’s future, it is something where parents invest and get 100% assurance for their child’s prosperity in the future. This plan helps to meet the educational expenses, marriage, and health expenses.

The plan is very important, it acts as a safety guard for the child, and also it reduces the burden of the parent, as they start investing in small amounts right from an early age of the child. By any chance, if uncertainty happens with the parent, the investment in these plans will provide financial assistance to the child. So, it is important to know every information of the plan like premium rate, medical & education cost, and inflation rate.

Best Child Investment that a Parent Must Consider Investing in 2021

  • HDFC SL Youngster Super Premium Child Plan
  • Aditya Birla Sun Life Vision Star Child Plan
  • Aegon Life Rising Star Child Insurance Plan
  • Bharti AXA Life Child Advantage Plan
  • Canara HSBC child plan
  • LIC New Children Money Back Plan
  • PNB Metlife Smart child plan
  • SBI Life Smart Scholar
  • SBI Life Smart Champ Insurance Plan

HDFC SL Youngster Super Premium

This plan offers two types of flexible payment preference. 1. Save benefits, 2. Save and gain benefits, this plan offers four types of funds that match your need:

  1. Income fund
  2. Balance fund
  3. Blue-chip fund
  4. Opportunities fund.

One can have life insurance from 18–65-year age life and health option 18–55-year age.

Aditya Birla Sun Life Vision Start Child Plan

The eligible age for this scheme is from 18 years to 55 years and the maturity period is 75-year. Minimum annualized premium depends on the chosen sum assured amount and minimum Rs 1, 00, 000 and maximum with no upper limit. At the time of maturity, the policyholder will also have the benefit of a reversionary bonus and terminal bonus

Aegon Life Rising Start Child Insurance Plan

This plan gives you four types of investment options which are Debt Fund, Secure Fund, Stable Fund, and Accelerator Fund.

The eligible age for Parent is 18 year to 48 years and the child will be covered from 1 day, 5 years, 10 years/15 years maturity period of this policy is 65-year

Minimum annualized premium- annual mode – Rs 20,000 p.a. and other modes – Rs 30,000 p.a. and the premium can be paid on the yearly basis, half-yearly basis or monthly basis.

Bharti AXA Life Child Advantage Plan

This plan offers a traditional child investment plan that offers 2 types of maturity benefit:

  1. Money-back benefit
  2. Is endowment benefits.

Regular pay age limits are 18 – 50 years and the limited pay age limit is 18 – 55 years

The minimum sum assured is Rs 25,000 maximum has no upper limit. The premium can be paid every year, half-yearly basis, or monthly basis.

Canara HSBC child plan

This is a type of long-term investment, helps the parent to secure their child’s future, and also provide an amount on death or in the case of disability of the policyholder and the premium will also be funded, the plan gives you 6 type of invest option which are: Debt plus fund, Growth plus fund, Equity II fund, Liquid Fund India multi–Cap Equity Fund and balanced plus fund.

The eligible age is from 18-55 age, maturity age is 70-year, the minimum annualized premium depends on the chosen sum assured and sum assured minimum mode is Rs 3,00,000 and in monthly mode Rs 5,00,000 maximum has no upper limit.

LIC New Children Money Back Plan

This plan is specially designed to meet child expenses like education, marriage, and another need of the child, the Eligible age 0–12-year maturity age is 25-year minimum annualized premium is Rs 24,000 p.a. and sum assured minimum is Rs- 1,00,000 and maximum have no upper limit.

PNB Metlife Smart child plan

This plan is a non-participating and non-linked insurance policy and offers guaranteed returns, it will cover any type of eventuality, the eligible age is from 18–55-year maturity is 75 years, minimum annualized premium in Rs 18,000 p.a.

SBI Life Smart Scholar

It is a non-participating (ULIP) Unit Linked Insurance Plan, offer dual protection of family-like inbuilt premium payor wavier benefit to ensure the continuance of policy and payment of base sum and in the event of uncertainty the policy will pay lump sum benefit equal to higher of sum assured or 105% of all premium paid till the date of death, the eligible age for parents is 18-57-year and for the child is 0-17-year maturity age is 65-years, the minimum annualized premium is PPT greater than or equal to 8 years – RS 24,000 p.a. PPT 5 years – 7-years Rs 50,000 p.a. and sum assured limited premium is 10*A.P Single and Premium- 1.25*Single Premium.

SBI Life Smart Champ Insurance Plan

This plan is an individual participating and non-linked insurance plan, which is payable in the event like uncertainty or accidental or total permanent disability, the eligible age for parents is 21-50-year and for the child it is 0-13-years, maturity age is 70 years, the minimum annualized premium is Rs 6,000 p.a. and sum assured is Minimum Rs 1, 00,000 and Maximum is Rs 1, 00, 00,000.


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