Five Tips to Buy a Health Insurance Policy

Health Insurance Policy

Many diseases that were formerly considered critical have become extremely prevalent in our day and age. As a result, the expense of medical procedures has risen, potentially depleting one’s life savings. As a result, having a health insurance policy to protect yourself from the financial burden of costly medical procedures has become essential. Most employers provide Group Medical Coverage Policy to their employees, which includes coverage for their dependents such as parents and spouse. However, the coverage offered is insufficient and insufficient for everybody.

It is thus recommended that you have a Mediclaim Plan in addition to your employer-sponsored GMC to protect you and your dependents against an unfavorable health condition.

But how can you determine which health insurance policy is right for you? Not at all; we’re here to help. Continue reading to understand the 5 essential guidelines you should be aware of before purchasing a health insurance policy.

Coverage and Premium Amount

Based on your medical demands in the next years, you must compare and select a suitable mediclaim plan. When choosing a plan, consider the amount insured that would sufficiently cover you and your family. Similarly, you should look at the premium amount that you will have to spend to use your selected health insurance policy. Make certain that you do not get the first plan that appears to be the cheapest, as it may not be enough to fulfill your health insurance policy needs.

Waiting Period

Some medical insurance policies require a waiting time before covering specific conditions. As a result, it is critical to examine the policy’s waiting time for coverage of the condition, especially if you have a pre-existing disease like diabetes. This will assist you in purchasing a plan that will protect you or your family in times of need.

No. of Dependents

This is a crucial consideration when purchasing medical insurance coverage. Because the number of dependents that may be covered by a plan is restricted, you must consider whether you need a single plan to cover all of your family members or whether you need an individual health insurance policy for select elder members of your family.

Network Hospitals

Certain network hospitals affiliated with health insurance firms give cashless services. It is critical to review the list of network hospitals affiliated with the insurers from which you wish to purchase mediclaim insurance. Examine the ones in your immediate neighborhood and then make an informed selection.


Most of us disregard reading the ‘terms and conditions of a health insurance policy. We only realize how important it is when we file a claim and discover that it may be denied due to a provision that we ignored. To prevent such a situation, it is important to thoroughly study the fine print of the mediclaim policy before deciding on a policy. With rising stress levels, demanding schedules, and lifestyle concerns, having medical insurance coverage is becoming more of a need than a want. As a result, it is important to compare and select the mediclaim insurance that best suits your health needs.

Written by Hardik Tokas

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