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Apollo MunichHealth Insurance Benefits

On Jan 2, HDFC ERGO acquired major shares in Apollo Munich and got approval for acquiring from CCI, RBI, and IRDAI, so basically, now  Apollo Munich Comes under HDFC ERGO .

What is Insurance?

Insurance means anything which can reduce or eliminate the risk of human being or property. The insurance covers many things which include death, accident, burglary, fire, the peril of the sea, etc.

Insurance is a contract in between two parties wherein exchange of a fixed sum known as premium paid by one party help them to on happening of a certain event, for example In business, x suffer from financial losses in the behalf of an X insurance company will cover losses only if X has business insurance.

Nowadays health treatment is very expensive, even a decent hospital canvarnish up the savings in a few days, and being hospitalized a patient should concentrate on the recovery of health rather than hospital bills. So, to protect your loved ones in the time of an uncertain health issue, accident, or paying a lengthy bill you can take Apollo Munich health insurance plan. Apollo Munich Health insurance not only protects the policyholder but also secures the policyholder’s family.

The plan usually considers 5 members of the family they are individual, spouse, and children up to 4 children, with the fixed sum assured, it’s very cost-effective for the family because the person doesn’t have to buy an individual policy.

Policy Cover: Apollo Munich Health Insurance Benefits

As per Section 1.1 a-j and Section 2.

  • Ambulance Cover up toRs. Two thousand per hospitalization through ambulance service for transporting the person to the hospital in the case of an emergency.
  • Inpatient service
  • In-patient treatment coversthe expenses of hospitalization for more than twenty-four hours.
  • Pre andPost hospitalization expenses cover, in pre-hospitalization upto sixty days expenses and in post-hospitalization upto one hundred eighty days expenses will be covered.
  • Domiciliary treatment in the case, when the insured person doesn’t get a bed in hospital then the insurance company will provide medical treatment at home.
  • Organ donor medical expenses will be covered.

Exclusion in the Apollo Munich Health Insurance

As per section 5C, anything related to the war, an act of war, biological weapon, nuclear and chemical or any kind of breach of law with the intention of the criminal mind, attempt suicide, professionally participating in hazardous or adventure sport including but limited to para jumping, rock climbing, mountaineering, motor racing, rafting, horse racing, or scuba diving, sky diving, treatment of alcoholism, drug or substance abuse or any additive condition, weight control program or any treatment of obesity, external congenital illness, sleep apnoea, treatment to the effect of or to effect of infertility, sterility, cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery unless requiring due to the accident, any non-allopathic treatment, cancer or burn.

Waiting Period in the Apollo Munich Health Insurance

  • 24 months for the illness which is specific and treatment in starting 2 years and the following same is not applicable after renewal.
  • 30 days for a normal illness except in the case of an accident in the first year and the following same is not applicable in renewal.
  • Pre-exist diseases will be treated after the waiting period of 36 months.
  • The payout on an indemnity basis.
  • Cost-sharing is not applicable.

Insurance Renewal Condition

The policy can be renewed for a long time or we can say for a lifetime, and the grace period is 30 days is given to renew the policy, if by any chance the break incurred then the bonus of the previous year will not be forwarded to the next year.

Claim Procedure

Contact at least 7 daysbefore the event, in case of emergency contact within 24 hours of the event, customer care no is 02262346234/ 012062346234 or one can visit site or email on

For any further information related to the insurance policy, you can check the following link

Note: Policy information can be changed, so please go through the Apollo Munich Health Insurance Brochure on the above link.

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