UPI ID: What is it and How can we Find it on Apps?

What is UPI ID and how can we find it on apps


The convoluted procedure for facilitating money transfers has been reduced by UPI facilitation. With UPI payments, all that is needed is a UPI ID/mobile number/QR, which is specific to each user, as opposed to the old methods of IMPS/NEFT, which also require the recipient’s name, contact information, bank account number, IFSC, etc. Unified Payment Interface Identity, often known as UPI ID, serves as a virtual payment address for online purchases and money transfers. Let’s take a closer look at UPI IDs and how to create one.

What is a UPI ID?

Every UPI user has a unique virtual payment address (VPA), or UPI ID. To utilize UPI services and create a unique identifier for their identity, each user must create a UPI ID. The UPI ID gives the banks a mechanism to monitor the user’s account. 

The format of a UPI ID is as follows:

abcd@bank (Where “bank” is the name/initials/shortened name of the bank that provides services to the UPI app, with some prefix or suffix appended in certain circumstances, and “abcd” may either be your first name, a portion of your email address, or your mobile phone number.) 

You don’t need to input the recipient’s UPI ID to send money using the Paytm UPI payment application. To send money using UPI, you may just choose the recipient’s contact from your phone book or input the recipient’s contact number. Your bank account number and every other piece of personal information are unrelated to a UPI ID. 

How to Create a UPI ID?

The procedures below must be followed to create a UPI ID:

  1. Install the Paytm UPI payment app.
  2. Simply type in your cellphone number. If your phone has two SIM slots, you could be asked to choose the one that has your mobile number.
  3. To confirm your cellphone number, an SMS will be issued from your number.
  4. After doing this, you must choose your bank’s name from the list that will be shown to you. Please confirm that the cellphone number you supplied earlier matches the one registered with your bank. Your cellphone number will now be used to retrieve the information about your bank account from the bank.
  5. You must create a UPI PIN if you are integrating your bank for the first time. To set this up, you need your debit card information.
  6. You have now connected your bank account using UPI and are prepared to send your first payment.

How to use your UPI ID?

When your clients or loved ones need to send you money, you must provide them with your UPI ID or VPA. Instead of disclosing your bank account number, you can utilize this information.

Imagine that you must first input a recipient’s name or number to send a text message. The UPI ID operates similarly.

You don’t even need a person’s bank account information to give them money; all you need is their UPI ID. Just start the payment by entering their UPI ID into your app.

Check out the link below if you are a small company owner and want to accept payments via UPI.

How to Send Money Using UPI ID?

Since its implementation, UPI has emerged as one of the simplest ways to transfer money across bank accounts.

We’ve outlined the straightforward procedures needed to transfer money via UPI.

  1. When using the Paytm UPI payment app, sign in and select “UPI/Send Money To Anyone” from the menu.
  2. If the recipient’s mobile number is not already saved on your phone, choose them from your contact list or type their number in manually.
  3. You might ask the recipient for their UPI ID on another app if they don’t use the one you do and then input that.
  4. You might also choose “Scan QR” and use your device to scan the recipient’s QR code.
  5. Next, choose which bank account you wish to transfer money from and press “Proceed.”
  6. Put in the UPI PIN linked to the chosen bank account.
  7. Your bank account will immediately send the money to the recipient’s bank account.

How to Find the UPI ID on UPI Apps?

Finding and generating a UPI ID works significantly differently in bank apps.

  1. Your registered cellphone number must first be verified.
  2. The app will invite you to create a 4-digit PIN after you have validated it.
  3. Your UPI ID may be found in the UPI app’s ‘My Profile’ area.
  4. Yourname@bankname is the standard nomenclature for UPI IDs in bank apps.


Life is simpler because of UPI. Right now, it’s possible to send money instantly. Not only is sending or receiving money rapidly, but it is also secure from data theft. You don’t have to keep track of or provide bank account information while starting a transaction. UPI-enabled payments are the safest, easiest, and hassle-free transactions because of all these characteristics.

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