Here we, at The Asian Read, have a collective mission that is committed to journalism that involves responsibility, honesty, objectivity, and authenticity of facts and information, without being biased and politically affiliated or having any allegiance to special interest groups. Our guiding philosophy is liberal on society and the economy. The spectrum of our intended reach is not limited to only a specific section of people but comprises of all age brackets, professions, and domains. We intend to reach out to every reader who browses to read some quality stories with a tinge of opinion. The distinctiveness of our publications possess; is by virtue of their credible information and images that compel readers to spend their precious time on reading the pieces.

Our Correspondent creates stories that will live long in the memory of our readers. We strive to deliver the articles in such a manner that grasps readers’ attention no matter what kind of information they hear from us. We tend to publish diversely by covering all sorts of segments like trending news, Technology, Legal, Business and Finance, Fashion and Lifestyle, Book Reviews and Health. We want our readers to be engaged in our society’s happenings and be aware of the critical affairs.

We are committed to developing our teams to ensure they deliver world-class standard articles. We keep modernizing our ways of working as well as significantly improve our diversity within the workplace. We work as a team, but we are not a pure democracy. The say of the editor is final in the vote. Our editorial viewpoints are not an opinion of a person, but it is an opinion of the whole board. The principles that employees of The Asian Read function on are:

  • To assertively seek articles that have high interest, impacts the reader, and advances the reader’s knowledge
  • To make the articles as relevant to readers as possible by knowing what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen in the news.
  • To write articles that are a reflection of the diversity of the backgrounds, goals, and interests of the readers.
  • To consistently adhere to the ethical guidelines of The Asian Read and adopt a professional environment possible at all levels.

The Asian Read creates an open atmosphere within our team that welcomes a variety of views and encourages discussion.