About Us

The Asian Read is one of the largest publication dedicated to the world’s most happening stories. Every month, we influence an audience of more than 18 million professionals, people, and savvy millennia’s. Our team is a diverse coalition of expert writers, lawyers, chartered accountants, videographers, and developers who have come together under a united passion: a love of distinctive journalism and the determination to deliver top-notch content.

We as an organization, provide insights that can be technical in nature. Our editorial team comes from all walks of life. Our systematically integrated processes help us to achieve reliable results in no time. Results can comprise of a reliable piece of well-written article which not only entices the readers to grasp the right knowledge of an incident but also it provides the technical clarification of nuances which resulted in those incidents.

Our editors have a distinct aim to provide content that is of quality. Each article goes through multiple processes of checking as well as rechecking. The process enables us to function smoothly and efficiently. The collaborative effort of our team helps us to deliver thoughtful Op-eds and News, at a very fast pace. The sheer enthusiasm of revolutionizing the way a thought-provoking article is delivered is the aim of our organization.

In the fast-moving world where every individual is plagued by the losslessness of the quality in journalism. We as an organization tend to bridge the gap between the reader and the right information.

Following is the editorial review process, which we follow for not only delivering authoritative news but also opinions that are carefully crafted by our editors.

Editorial Review Process - The Asian Read

Step 1

Correspondents write articles based on the Reporter Guidelines that describe the concept, design, and drafting of the article. The correspondents write articles based on the necessary information, facts, data, research, and stories.

Step 2

Principal Correspondent receives articles from Correspondents for revision, corrections, proofreading, and verification of the information in the article. After making required corrections, the Principal Correspondent submits the article to the Chief Sub-Editor or rejects the article.

Step 3

Chief Sub-Editor receives the article from the Principal Correspondent. The Chief Sub-Editor revise minor corrections, designs and rewrites the content, and verifies the facts or information in the article. Then submits the article to the Chief Artist.  The Chief Sub-Editor gives suggestions and reviews to the Principal Correspondent if there are any discrepancies in the article. The Principal Correspondent or Chief Sub-Editor will invite the Correspondent to discuss the discrepancies, revise, and resubmit the article.

Step 4

After the approval of the Chief Sub-Editor, Chief Artist creates images or videos for the articles to represent the nuance we are trying to convey to the readers.

Step 5

After, image or video creation, the Chief Artist submits the final article to the Technical Department for online publication of the article on www.theasianread.com.

Team Involved in Editorial Review Process


A person who is the highest-ranking member of the editorial team at a publication. They manage the team of correspondents and editors, determine the look and feel of the publication, decide what to publish, and administer the publication’s operations.

Executive Editor

A person who administers the editorial for the website and supervises the efficient working of all subordinates and assists the Editor-In-Chief in editorial functions.

Chief Sub-Editor

A person who allocates and supervises the work of one or more Principal Correspondents and is generally responsible for managing and editing the articles.

Principal Correspondent

A person who allocates and supervises the work of Correspondents under him/her and assists the Chief Sub-Editor in reviewing and editing the articles.


A person who gathers information, facts, data from reliable sources, and writes articles.

Chief Artist

A person who creates images, graphs, videos, or illustrations of any kind of creative art for articles.

Fact-Checking Process

Research and Story Selection

The Asian Read gives reliable and neutral stories, facts and, information on www.theasianread.com. We track and collect information from official Government reports, Court documents, notifications from Government websites, journals, company publications, data and graphical representation from well-known organizations, and other reliable news sources. We focus on the reliability and credibility of the sources before arriving at the conclusion of any story.

Publishing of Article

The Principal Correspondents and Chief Sub-Editor verify the facts and information of the article while editing the article. If the facts and information provided are not reliable, the article is rejected and the Correspondent who wrote the article is invited for discussion and will be asked to re-verify the information.

If the Principal Correspondent or Chief Sub-Editor finds any discrepancy in the article published on the website with immediate effect the article will be taken down from the website and our social media platforms.

Content, statements, data, graphical representation, images, or videos are reviewed in the article before the publication of the articles.