48% of women who had extramarital affairs are moms: Survey

48% of women who had extramarital affairs are moms Survey
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Hyderabad: While men are generally thought to be the ones cheating on their wives after the latter gives birth, a new study evaluating women infidelity dynamics has disclosed that it’s, in fact, the modern-age moms who are much more likely to give in handily to seductions and turn on searching for a forthcoming lover when their husbands are no longer able to satisfy their expectations.

The said study, commissioned by Gleeden – the first portal designed by women for extramarital encounters which have touched a user base of over ten lakhs users in India – found out that about 48 percent of Indian women who embarked into extramarital sexual dalliance are mothers who have now become skeptical of their partner’s ineptitude to satisfy them sexually.

In accordance with the data, the women surveyed are in the age bracket of 30 to 60 years. They are well-educated (78 percent) and well-placed professionally (74 percent). Economic independence provides them a constructive viewpoint towards life in general and towards themselves, which they don’t want to squander in struggle and dullness. Therefore, they pursue excitement and delight.

Interestingly, about 76 percent rate themselves high in physical appearance and speculate their spouses are less attractive than them. About 64 percent claimed sexual dissatisfaction due to the complete absence of intercourse in their marital relationship (60 percent) and disregard of their sexual pleasure from their partners (59 percent).

No longer pleased existing as merely a dreary asexual brace within the households, these modern Indian mothers are detesting being behaved toward as a showpiece kept in the bedroom or being jabbed into the position of a caretaker for their child and spouse both, with barely any interest being given to her own emotional and physical cravings.

They yearn for lust and intimacy equally and long to be touched and tantalised.  Significantly, the guilt and the emotional burden that earlier would clasp women down when it reached casual sex, paid sex, or cybersex is slowly fading away. Now we live in an age of quick hook-ups, quintessential no-strings-attached flings that are forged mainly in the digital space only.

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