Avoid Intermittent Fasting This Pandemic

Fasting This Pandemic

A maximum amount of population is working from home resulting in less physical activity and irregular cir-cardian rhythm cycle which is leading to obesity. people are struggling with gained weight and trying different methods to lose fat.

Among different methods, intermittent fasting is trending these days. let’s talk about how this works in the first 0-2 hour span blood sugar rises. In the next 2-5 hours span, blood glucose levels fall. In the next 5-8 hours, Glycogen reserves drop and you will start feeling hungry don’t panic your body will continue to digest your last food intake. it starts to use stored glucose for energy. 8 hours after your last meal, your liver will use up the last of its glucose reserves. the body enters into a model that works upon the process known as gluconeogenesis in which the body starts the formation of glucose from the stored fat present in adipose tissue. from 12-18  hours body works on a metabolic process called ketosis in which the liver converts fat into ketone bodies as an alternative energy source. 18-24 hour span level of ketone bodies increases significantly almost by 60% of the initial amount. Now comes the most important part which comes in between 24 – 48 hours where your body starts autophagy (which means “self-devouring”) condition in which cells start to clean up their house. they remove the unnecessary or dysfunctional components. it’s a good thing because it allows the orderly degradation and recycling of cellular components. During autophagy, cells break down viruses, bacteria, and damaged components. In this process, you get the energy to make new cell parts which could indirectly make you suffer from performing other normal physiology mechanisms. it’s significant for cell’s health, renewal, and survival. the main benefit of autophagy is best known as turning the clock back and creating younger cells and makes you look much younger than your actual age. Body speed ups the multiplication process of cells.

The size of the virus particle especially covid19 is 6% to the standard bacteria size around 2 micrometers. virus don’t have their own metabolic machinery so they are dead outside. the virus consists of a protein coat and nucleic acid (DNA OR RNA).

viruses use your cell machinery to replicate itself and in a manner, autophagy increases cell multiplication and if you are already infected with novel coronavirus you are indirectly supporting the viral growth. which will also increase the viral load which could lead to a more detrimental state for your body and making your condition more worsen and delaying normal recovery.

Although we don’t have any study supporting the advantages or disadvantages of fasting in covid19 infected persons. but the medicine which is being prescribed by doctors as of now is hydroxychloroquine which itself has anti-autophagy property.

in conclusion, As a very typical English phrase says ” prevention is better than cure”. So I would suggest you should avoid intermittent fasting this pandemic and have a balanced, nutritious diet within your maintenance calories including all macro and micronutrients and if you still want to lose fat go for 10% deficit from your maintenance calories which would help you in losing fat gradually and most importantly stay hydrated.

Like the water we consume have a significant role in metabolism primarily.

Written by harshit kumar

Harshit is a certified fitness trainer who specializes in strength
and hypertrophy. He’s been working professionally in this industry
for the past two years.

With knowledge and experience, he has restructured and incorporated
the techniques to create customized dieting methods in order to help
the clients lose fat and gain muscle mass.

Being a medic student, he loves to research the inner workings of the
human body and love to read Medical journals and research papers
about human biology, food, and nutrition.

Coaching over 100 clients, helping achieve their fitness goals, he
currently works as a virtual fitness instructor and nutritionist.

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