Basil Seed Drink Health Benefits

Basil Seed Drink Health Benefits

Drinking basil seed drink every day. What happens?

Aiming towards living a healthy lifestyle is trending these days. Lockdown has got some great changes in our life. If we look at the current situation with an unusual aspect that has not yet caught everyone’s attention, then we will know, that lockdown indeed has made us think about the lifestyle we have adopted due to our work schedule or whatever reasons.

As we all have finally got some time to focus on ourselves, we should take advantage of this opportunity to the fullest. Many of you reading this have already inculcated a lot of healthy habits in your life, and can completely relate to this.

Living a super busy life, we tend to neglect taking care of our health, but we still can, nothing is impossible if you decide to do it. We can try to add certain habits to our daily routine.

Talking about one such healthy habit is drinking a refreshing, healthy, and energetic morning drink.

This is super easy and doesn’t cost you much. Preparation won’t consume your time and can be easily followed throughout your life.


Why Healthy Morning Drink is Necessary?

A healthy morning drink helps flush out toxins from our body, gives an energy boost, and kick starts your day with a refreshing mood, also increases your metabolism.

If you are dehydrated, starting your day with a morning drink helps in rehydration, along with this it helps the digestive system to start working and that’s how proper functioning of our body takes place. Keeps you active.

Works great for those who want to lose weight.


What are Basil Seeds?

Basil is a type of herb, commonly known as Tulsi in Marathi and Sabja in Hindi. It is used as traditional medicine, and to add flavor to our usual recipes. Basil seeds are also used to thicken the drinks.

Guess which drink it is? I know you already have guessed it. Faluda!


Difference between Chia Seeds and Basil Seeds

Basil seeds and chia seeds have a common origin, they originate from the mint family. They have often been misunderstood for each other because of their resemblance. Basil seeds are what we call sabja seeds, but chia seeds are different from basil seeds.

If we observe these two seeds carefully and closely, we will be aware of the differences they constitute. Their native, color, appearance, taste, and benefits highly differ from each other.


  • Talking about the native, chia seeds belong from Mexico while basil seeds belong to India and the Mediterranean region.
  • Chia seeds are a mixture of brown, grey, white and black color, while basil seeds are entirely black.
  • Basil seeds are miniature and slightly resemble the shape of rice grains while chia seeds constitute a shape like eggs that is oval.
  • Basil seeds get swollen as soon as they are mixed with water, but chia seeds take a lot of time for the absorption


Benefits of Basil Seed Drink.

Basil seed drink is highly suggested as it is really easy to make, with very little efforts you can uplift the healthy section of your life by adding this advantageous morning drink to your daily routine.

Here are some of its benefits.

  • It is a good source of minerals, iron, and calcium.
  • Good for your bone health.
  • Basil seeds have a comforting effect on the stomach, helps in digestion as it consists of soluble fiber.
  • It helps in making your hair stronger and healthy.
  • Contains properties that make our skin glow.
  • Reduces constipation issues and bloating.
  • Great companion when it comes to weight loss.
  • Instantly energizes our body and helps to keep us hydrated.
  • Used as a traditional medicine in treating cough and cold.
  • Beneficial in treating acidity.
  • Has a good amount of carbohydrates and protein, which keeps us full for a long time.
  • Helps in controlling and maintaining blood sugar level.
  • Reduces body heat, acts as a coolant for our body.

After reading these amazing benefits, all you have to do is, nothing but subscribe to this extremely healthy and helpful habit for lifelong.

Healthy is Happy!

Written by Doctor Mayumi Sariputra

Mayumi Sariputra is a physiotherapist. Firmly believes in great fitness and mental health. She is enthusiastic about helping people to adapt to a healthy lifestyle, good at counseling. Effective communication skills along with being an active listener. Compassionate towards work, is task-oriented, ted, and illustrative. Keen interest in writing, reading, poems, and rhyming. She has a powerful thought process, willing to engage readers in her intriguing write-ups. Learning is a priority for her and is considerate towards it. 
Flexible in choices, ready to explore all genres.

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