“Cook Eggs, Meat Fully”: Minister on Fears over Bird Flu Spread to Humans

Cook Eggs Meat Fully Minister on Fears over Bird Flu Spread to Humans

New Delhi: There’s nonentity to fear about, animal husbandry, fisheries and dairy minister Giriraj Singh said dishing out some cooking advice to drive clean of the Avian Influenza bird flu doing the rounds in at least four states.

Cook eggs and meat entirely, the Union minister said striving to ease anxieties about the communication of the zoonotic disease from poultry to humans.

“In some places, there have been reports of migratory and wild birds dying from bird flu. Cook the meat and eggs completely before eating. There is nothing to worry. All possible help is being given and states have been alerted,” Mr Singh tweeted in Hindi.

Giriraj Singh also disseminated a status report of the Avian Flu spread in Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala and Rajasthan, where 12 epicentres have been observed.

Lakhs of birds, largely migratory, have succumbed across India in the last ten days. While some of the pretentious states have commenced culling birds, operated the sale of poultry and related products, their neighbours maintain an inspection on inter-state movement, primarily in the border districts.

To restrict the spread, the central government has handed out an advisory and set up a control room in New Delhi to regulate the circumstance.

The advisory inquires of affected states to enhance “biosecurity of poultry farms, disinfect affected areas, properly dispose of dead birds, increased surveillance”, besides coordination with the forest department.

For neighbouring states, it suggests alertness towards any “unusual mortality amongst birds and to report it immediately”.


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