COVID-19 Vaccine Update: Europe’s Medicines Controller Clears the Way for Use of Pfizer in EU

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Europe’s medicines regulator on Monday authorised the usage of the COVID-19 vaccine generated by U.S. corporation Pfizer and its German collaborator BioNTech, settling the EU on course to begin inoculations almost after Christmas.

European Union countries comprising of Germany, France, Austria and Italy have asserted they intend to begin vaccinations from Dec. 27 as Europe strives to catch up with the United States and Britain, where inoculations commenced earlier this month.

Having earned the green light from the European Medicines Agency (EMA), approval by the European Commission is the last stage, predicted later on Monday.

A.How does a vaccine function?

  • A vaccine acts by posing as customary infection. A vaccine not only provokes immune reaction to safeguard people from any future COVID-19 illness but also enables instantly create herd immunity to impose a stop to the pandemic.
  • Herd immunity arises when a good percentage of society comes to be immune to an infection, stimulating its reach from person to person improbable. The promising report is that SARS-CoV-2 virus has been somewhat stable, which heightens the viability of a vaccine.

B.How many types of vaccines are present? What does it need to generate a vaccine of this kind?

“Now, we will act fast. I expect a European Commission decision by this evening,” Commission head Ursula von der Leyen jotted down on Twitter.

Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza applauded the authorization as “the news we have been waiting for,” putting in it “opened up a new phase and gives us more strength and confidence,” in fighting a pandemic has annihilated about 470,000 Europeans.

Preparations for the vaccine rollout arrive as the marker of infectious new distress of the coronavirus in Britain resulted in disarray across the territory, with countries barricading travel links with the UK and obliterating business ahead of the Christmas holiday. EMA administrators asserted it was too plausible that the vaccine would operate against the recent variant of the coronavirus.

EMA executive director Emer Cooke asserted it would take a longer duration to inoculate the 450 million people of the 27 EU countries.

“Vaccines alone will not be the silver bullet that will allow us to return to normal lives, but the authorisation of this first vaccine is definitely a major step in the right direction and an indication that 2021 can be brighter than 2020,” she told a news briefing.


Student medics retired doctors, pharmacists and soldiers are being inducted into a European vaccination drive of phenomenal hierarchy.

A phased-in approach suggests frontline healthcare employees and aged inmates of care homes are being prioritised, with most national policies not reaching the general public until the verge of the first quarter of 2021 at the firstest.

The EMA had commenced a rolling analysis of initial data from Pfizer trials on Oct. 6 to accelerate an authorisation procedure that usually takes at least seven months.

The EMA approval originally approved of as dependent trade approval (CMA), is valid for one year and can be revived yearly. It can be modified into a standard trade authorisation after additional data inspections. This would be valid for five years but can be renewed for limitless validity.

The procedure took higher than the ultra-fast crisis authorisation provided by Britain, the first western country to approve a COVID-19 trial.


The roll-out will be a trial for Brussels’ proficiency to centralise Europe amid political tension to fasten the operation and restrain the pandemic which has eradicated more than 1.6 million people worldwide.

The EU has called for 200 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech shot, sufficient to immunise 100 million people, spending 15.50 euros ($18.90) per dose.

It will furthermore purchase an extra 100 million with a delivery plan yet to be negotiated.

EMA officials denied any political interference and defended the speed of the approval process.

“The focus was exclusively on the science, there were too many involved of the member states who would look into the science as to allow any political whitewashing or adaption,” said Harald Enzmann, cha

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