Health Insurance for Heart Patients

Health Insurance for Heart Patients

Our heart keeps beating from the day we are born till death, and it may beat for more than 3.5 billion times. Our heart is one of the most important organs in our life, without which it’s impossible to live. So one should always make efforts to keep one’s heart-healthy. But in today’s polluted world everyone is easily prone to many diseases. As far as heart problems are concerned they may arise from cholesterol problems, fats, eating disorders, or from any other reason, and may cause a heart attack, heart stroke, or sudden cardiac death. The polluted environment, unusual and unhealthy food habits, long-hour sitting jobs, irregular sleeping habits, too much stress/pressure, etc. leads to heart diseases.

Statistics of Heart problems in India

Today, In India one in every four deaths is due to heart disease and stroke. According to a study done by popular health journal ‘The Lancet’, till 2016 the estimated frequency of cardiovascular disease In India has been 54.5 million. The deaths due to this have increased from 1.3 million (in 1990) to 3.7 million (in 2019) in India.

As per a study, Indians are 10 times more likely to die from cardiovascular disease than people living in other areas of the world due to the genetic makeup of Indians and due to the change that had happened in their lifestyles in the last few decades.

Importance of Health Insurance for Heart Patients

One can never be sure whether he/she will continue to remain as fit as today. Though people with a healthy lifestyle are less prone to heart disease, still there are some instances when people with a healthy lifestyle had become prey to heart diseases. Heart treatment is generally very expensive. The normal cost of angioplasty to unclog arteries is generally between Rs.3-5 lakhs. Similarly, open heart surgery can cost Rs.5-8 lakhs. Even some small treatments and medicines can cost thousands of rupees.

It’s difficult to arrange such a high cost of the treatments, so it’s possible by way of the health insurance policy. The health insurance policy will cover all the health care expenses for the treatment of the heart, including pre and post hospitalization expenses along with medication and other hospital expenses. And due to the rising demand for health insurance policies, various insurers have come up with many other benefits.

Benefits of Health Insurance for Heart Patients

  • By way of insurance, one needs not to worry about the arrangement of money. It can be easily done by the insurer.
  • Also if there is no tension of money arrangement, then one can more focus on recovery and treatment.
  • The health insurance policy will cover all problems related to the heart.
  • It will cover all the pre and post medical/hospitalization expenses.
  • Most of the insurance policies came with affordable premiums. So there is no hurry to arrange all the money at once. One can pay small installments from time to time with his existing income.
  • Also, the insurance premium amount is free of tax. This means there is a tax benefit on the amount used for insurance. One needs not to pay the tax on money used for the insurance policy.

Top 5 Health Insurance for Heart patients

As per the Study done by ‘InsuranceDekho‘ the top 5 heart insurance policies are as given below:

  • Star Cardiac Plan
  • ICICI Pru Heart/ Cancer Protect
  • Health Mediclaim- Care
  • Heart and Health Insurance – Future Generali
  • Aviva Heart Care

These are the policies that have many benefits and come with affordable premiums.




Written by Yashika Jindal

Yashika is a second-year law student at UILS, Panjab University Chandigarh. She wants to a Judge so that she can serve society and bring a revolutionary change in the legal framework. She is a passionate and hard-working person who loves to learn new and innovative things. Apart from the law, she has a great interest in social work and music. She is always on the hunt for great opportunities that can help to develop her personality and legal skills.

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