How to Make Your Mental Health Better?

How to Make Your Mental Health Better

Mental health! Is It a Matter of Worry? You Need to Know

Mental health is a vast concept, you cannot define it, but what we can try to do is understand and nurture it. Being in a good mental state is very important, recently this particular aspect is in the spotlight due to a few incidents that took place this year. 

For a very long time, people have been writing about it, but it failed to seek the attention it deserves.

Glenn Close says, “What mental health needs are more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversations.” 

When we wish someone, it is always about their good health and happiness, be it a birthday wish, a new year’s wish, or a festival wish. The real question is, do we mean health as a whole? Mostly the answer is no. 

Health is considered more of a physical part, but it is not just about what you see outside, what happens inside should be given equal importance. 

Physical and mental health both are vital, and are connected. It can never be possible that you are having only one of them doing better, they go hand in hand, and their betterment is interdependent. 

Why mental health should be a matter of worry?

  • They say, when you want to perform a task, you need determination and concentration. I am sure we all believe that it certainly does. If you have a class test tomorrow and your best friend doesn’t have his notes, he fights with you and falsely accuses you of stealing his notes as you guys study together, how well can you study for the test?                                                                          
  • Happiness always comes from within. The happy surrounding is very important.

Today is going to be a big day for you because today your SSC results are gonna be out.

You score more than you expected or exactly what you expected. Just when you thought you are ready for a celebration, your relative puts you down comparing you to your cousins or friends who have scored more than you. Will you still be able to celebrate?

  • You have a big group of friends with whom you hang out, as they have been with you all this while. One day you go out with them to a club, while partying you come across the same-sex couple, your friends are quick to pass some nasty comments and laughs. What if they come to know your preferences are the same? Will they accept, support, and still be friends with you?                      
  • There was a time when you couldn’t afford things, but now you are successful enough to get what you want, as you sacrificed everything to be in this position. Everything you dreamt of is now a reality. You win awards and trophies, but there is no one you can celebrate your success with, so much in your mind, but no one to talk to, so much to do, to roam, to have fun, but no one with whom you can do all this. Are you successful?                                                               
  • You always wanted to be an artist, and now you are an engineer. You fulfilled your parent’s wish. Got admission in a college, one the first day itself you realized, this is not what you can do, or even try to. Somehow you complete your graduation and decide to tell your parents that now you want to do something which you like, they say yes, but only after you get married. Are you going to kill your interest again?                                                                                                                  
  • It is your birthday today! Mom made delicious food for you just when you were about to have it, your friends or family body shame you because you are plus size, they think it would be funny, they have cracked a joke and expect you to be a sport. Will you be able to have it with the same excitement and enjoy your birthday?

If you have ever been in such a situation, you will know it affects the mental state it drains us from inside. We tend to rethink, try to fit ourselves in the criteria, thinking we are going wrong somewhere, try hard to live life according to the terms and conditions of others. 

The constant pressure of people, society, tradition, norms will never let you live.

These examples make you think, what impact our mental health has on us. Physical health is an important factor that influences mental health. The question is how?

Physical Health and Mental Health

Health is a combination of physical and mental health. They go hand in hand, interdependent if one goes down the other follows the same direction, and we can say that they are the heart and soul of our beautiful life.

Coming back to our question. How?

Here are a few things which will define their connection.

  1. People who are working are usually stressed out, this stress leads to overthinking which eventually disturbs our minds. It is during this time that we overlook our physical health, inviting a lot of physiological diseases.                                                                                                      
  2. For those who are not working, staying at home, sleeping all day, or maybe doing Netflix and chill. Yes, your mind is happy doing that, but how can you build your physical health without getting out of your bed. When you resume work, this lifestyle can prove fatal, as you won’t be able to adapt to your work, due to low energy levels.                                                                                         
  3. Food and nutrition are very important. Eating well is necessary, you can work well if you eat well similarly, you can eat well if you work well, dedicating a lot of time to work, skipping meals will have adverse effects on your health. How well can you study or work if you are weak or sick?                                                                                                                                                             
  4. Maintaining good physical health keeps us active and high on energy, feeling good about your body makes your mind happy, and releases those happy hormones which keep us away from stress and sadness                                                                                                                                                   
  5. Poor mental state can lead to various mental disorders. If you are unstable, there is nothing that you would like doing.                                                                                                                                                                  
  6. Mental instability alters our functional abilities, social interactions, and daily activities. Our mental health is more than just a mental illness or disorder it is a form of well-being. If it gets altered it restricts us from living and enjoying our life. 


How to work on your mental health?

We all have been through tough times. Dealing with problems only makes you stronger.

After a rainy-day sun shines brighter!

Here is what you can do to make things better.

  1. Movement is magic! Move, travel, roam, indulge yourself in activities and you will slowly see your mental state progressing.                                                                                                                     
  2. Surround yourself with a good environment and good people.                                                                                                                                                    
  3. Learn or re-learn, find your long-lost interest, motivate yourself, push yourself, and start with it. Every one of us has a creative side, we just have to stir our mind a bit.                                                                        
  4. Exercise. Working out helps you gain back your focus, determination, and strength. It makes you active and keeps you fresh always. Most importantly, it diverts your mind from the unnecessary stuff you have been paying attention to.                                                                                     
  5. Listen to music. Nothing can inspire you more than music. Someone lecturing you, telling you some life principles might not interest you, hearing the same with a soulful rhythm works better. Rock music works too.                                                                                                                                   
  6. Share. Whatever you feel, share your feelings with the person you trust the most.                                              
  7. Cut down on your harmful habits. Reward yourself each day with something which you like, for successfully ignoring your habit for the day!                                                                                                    
  8. Eat well. Nutrition helps to set your physical health. Stay fit to afford cheat days like a boss!                                                         
  9. Visit a dog cafe. Adopt a puppy, you will have a best friend for life. For the non-animal lover, visit an orphanage, distribute some snacks. Make them happy. Making others happy will make you the happiest, and attain peace.                                                                                                             
  10. Meditate. It helps you forget everything and calms your mind. A peaceful mind is necessary for a good night’s sleep. 


And here is Something Which You Must Do

 Over time, our thoughts, our choices, our preferences, our dreams, our decisions get killed, we don’t talk about them, don’t let ourselves out. We all have one or more than one person in our lives with whom we can share everything we feel. 

We all should look forward to talking to that one person and be that one person in someone else’s life.

A healthy mind is what you need to welcome happiness, to live every moment, and share the same happiness, enthusiasm, positive energy, and good vibes all around. 

If we all take initiative to help each other, encourage people to talk about their problems, it can prove to be a lot more beneficial than we think. 

Our aim is not to be the solution giver always but to be an active listener. Ensuring people that everything is going to be fine, a few words of support, care, love, and motivation, sometimes works as therapy. 

Creating awareness and giving this aspect of health, the significance it requires is the real goal.


Written by Doctor Mayumi Sariputra

Mayumi Sariputra is a physiotherapist. Firmly believes in great fitness and mental health. She is enthusiastic about helping people to adapt to a healthy lifestyle, good at counseling. Effective communication skills along with being an active listener. Compassionate towards work, is task-oriented, ted, and illustrative. Keen interest in writing, reading, poems, and rhyming. She has a powerful thought process, willing to engage readers in her intriguing write-ups. Learning is a priority for her and is considerate towards it. 
Flexible in choices, ready to explore all genres.

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  1. This feels like the ultimate guide to leading a good life. Totally agree with it! Pretty sure the world would be a better place if people learned to keep a balance. Keep up the good work 😀

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