Is it Essential to Work Upon our Mental Health?

mental health
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Before knowing how to improve our mental health, we have to know how it functions. Our mind is made up of various neurons that help us remember much stuff that we see in our daily lives. It also provides the information into our subconscious mind, which letter helps us on various occasions. A prevalent example could be – the day of our childhood where most of us had touched a hot utensil and Varsha Ford due to that act. However, that incident has been stored in our subconscious coma. To this date, take precautions before touching any hot utensil, all doing anything like that. There could be numerous incidences.

As it is rightly said, “A war is not won with big weapons and a large army, it is won by the strategies that our mind makes.” So, the question is: Is it essential to work on our mental health? And If yes, then how?

Nevertheless, with time, our mind has become a beaker and unimaginable? Furthermore, the answer to that question could be anything like using social media, not exploring the real world, or spending time with our friends in Pochinki rather than in front of them.

To improve your mental health, there could be various ways like meditation, yoga, reading books at sector but the best way that I would personally suggest is by investing more time with people whom words really matter into her life and spending less time on stuff like social media. As when we spend more time on social media, instead of like in our friend’s photograph, we start comparing them with us. There is a jealousy factor that starts building in our mind, directly or indirectly affecting her mental health.

There was also research done on people’s mental health who spend more time on social media and the people who give their time to their creativity. In which some school kids were taken as part of an experiment. In this, some kids spend the majority of their time on their mobile phones. Others spent at least one hour of their time in a park or anything they were good at or anything they enjoy doing. Moreover, this experiment’s results were that the children who had given preference to their creativity had scored more in their academics compared to the other half of children.

Even in this time of the pandemic, we humans have suffered many things like- adults have lost their jobs, children are not able to go school, we all are not able to interact with each other, in fact, some of us had lost our loved ones also, and this all had affected to non-other than our mental health only. However, the best thing that this COVID-19 had taught us is that our mental health is equally important, along with our physical health.

Moreover, by ending up, I would like to say that as we all are humans and the situations that come to every individual are different, which require different approaches. Hence, along with our outer body, we should give time to our inner peace also.

So, ultimately, the question is again on you people only that you want to work against your mind and live the way you were living until now or think of a long run and work on your mental health from now onwards.

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Written by Deepak Mishra

My name is Deepak Mishra and currently I am studying BBA LLB which is an integrated course. Apart from my educational qualification I am an enthusiastic person and I always try to upgrade myself with the new trends. my hobbies are to read books watch movies and to write.

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