Which Drink will help Boost Immunity to Prevent Covid-19?

Which Drink will help Boost Immunity to Prevent Covid-19?
Which Drink will help Boost Immunity to Prevent Covid-19?

What is Kadha?

The second wave of Covid-19 reaped havoc all across the country in the year 2021 causing the citizens of the country, not only to become more cautious in their day-to-day activities but also, more health conscious. As of January 2023, not only has there been an increase in cases globally but also an increase in no.of variants present amongst the population. As per researchers and scientists, some of these variants such as SARS-CoV-2 and the XBB 1.5 variant are more harmful than their predecessors and need to be taken seriously.

While one must take all necessary social distancing protocols, one should also look after themselves by eating healthy and exercising to improve immunity. As per many people and experts alike, the kadha is one drink which will be of major help in achieving that goal. The kadha is a traditional aromatic drink commonly used in ayurvedic medicine due to its various healing properties.


What are the benefits of Kadha?

The various benefits of Kadha are as follows:-

1. Boosting Immune System

Herbal tea contains several important antioxidants and vitamins that are essential for one to be able to enhance their immune system. Antioxidants help in reducing internal infection by destroying free radicles and protecting against the risk of many chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Some examples of the best herbal teas commonly used to boost immunity are elderberry, echinacea, and ginger.

2. Detoxification of the body

Due to it being loaded with antioxidants, the kadha is excellent at helping your body detox. Antioxidants present in ingredients such as Turmeric, ginger and black pepper help in keeping the body clean and healthy.

3. Helps fight respiratory complaints

Herbal teas or kadha is great for healing cough and cold. Ingredients such as Tulasi and lemongrass do wonders at relieving the respiratory system of various diseases. It also effecting at reducing the symptoms of diseases such as asthma.

4. Aids in Digestion

Herbal tea is beneficial for the digestive system as it aids in absorbing gas, eliminates free radicals that can cause an upset stomach as well as indigestion and also, improving blood flow to the entire digestive tract. Ingredients in the kadha also contain phenols which may help in strengthening the muscles of both, the stomach and the oesophagus.

5. Helps in losing weight

Herbal tea contains a variety of organic components that help you lose weight and become leaner. With a weight loss plan, drinking herbal tea two to three times daily is adequate to lose weight.

6.  Anti-aging properties

Herbal teas include antioxidants that help to slow down the ageing process and give your skin a radiant, healthy appearance. They guard against cell ageing and free radical damage to your skin. Additionally, it strengthens your hair.

7. Reduction of inflammation

It works well as an arthritic tonic. Ginger, turmeric, and eucalyptus herbal teas are very effective at reducing inflammatory disease. Additionally, this is a great way to relieve joint and muscular pain.

8. Helps in lowering blood pressure

Hibiscus tea is one herbal drink that can lower blood pressure without causing any negative side effects. Compared to taking contemporary medications, this natural remedy is much more effective. An excellent anti-inflammatory herb for herbal tea is turmeric.


How does Kadha help in fighting COVID-19?

As per several studies, an array of phytochemicals have been identified to be present in the herbs commonly used as ingredients for the kadha, which have the potential to prevent different stages of SARS-CoV-2 infection developing and other Coronavirus variants. These herbs include considerable anti-inflammatory capabilities in their phytochemical makeup. In addition, we have done in-silico drug-likeness and estimated the pharmacokinetics of the chosen phytochemicals discovered in Kadha based on their pharmacological features. Overall, our study offers scientific support for the ability of several plants used to prepare Kadha to bind to viral proteins and target proteins for COVID-19 prevention and treatment.

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