4 Asteroids are Expected to Cross Paths with Earth on Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day: NASA Studies Claims

4 Asteroids are Expected to Cross Paths with Earth on Joe Biden's Inauguration Day NASA Studies Claims
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Joe Biden is set to take over presidential duties in the United States starting January 20. Besides pro-Trump rioters, celestial objects may now be in his way. Over the next few days, a series of asteroids are anticipated to affront Earth. One is traveling towards our planet at the speed of 46,000 kilometers an hour (29,000 miles).

But NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies claims that a handful of asteroids will come near Earth in the coming days and that on Inauguration Day alone, four such asteroids are expected to cross paths with our planet.

So far, the asteroids are believed to be traveling safely, not in the direct line of our planet. But all four have given the “close approach” designation by NASA. The closest asteroid called “2021 BK1” will pass by Earth at a distance similar to the Moon’s orbit. From the fleet of asteroids steered to Earth, one is 93 meters in width!

Trump in cahoots with aliens?

Earlier, a former Israeli space agency chief Haim Eshed surprised the world by contending that aliens exist and a Galactic Federation. He also claimed that the Trump administration is a part of this federation.

“Humanity is not ready yet,” he told a local newspaper while saying that Trump wanted to disclose aliens’ existence to the people. Still, they suggested against it to avoid a situation of mass hysteria.

Others were fast to brush off his insistence as bizarre. However, he admitted this possibility while saying that if he had said the same words five years ago, he could have been hospitalized.

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