Four New Corona Positive Cases Found in New Zealand After Celebrating 100 Days Without the Virus

our New Corona Positive Cases Found in New Zealand

On Sunday, 9th august, 2020. New Zealand hailed for its milestone of not reporting any new case of covid-19 positive for the 100th continued day, but two days after on tuesday, August 11, 2020. Four new cases of corona positive are found from a single family in Aucklack, New Zealand (Auckland) , from an unknown source.

“After 102 days, we have our first cases of covid-19 outside of managed isolation or quarantine facilities… While we have all worked incredibly hard to provide this scenario, we have also planned and prepared for it. ” – Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, said to the press.

 Going hard, going right on time with lockdown is as yet the best reaction,” Ardern said.

 “Our reaction to the infection so far has worked … we realize how to beat this.

She also said that Auckland will go into level three and the rest of the country go into level two lockdown.

New Zealand authorities are examining the likelihood that its first COVID-19 cases in over a quarter of a year were imported by cargo, as the nation’s greatest city plunged once more into lockdown on Wednesday.

The disclosure of four tainted relatives in Auckland drove Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to quickly reimpose tight limitations in the city and social removing measures over the whole nation.

The wellspring of the flare-up has confused wellbeing authorities, who said they were certain there was no nearby transmission of the infection in New Zealand for 102 days.

We are endeavoring to assemble bits of the riddle on how this family got tainted,” said

Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield. Examinations were focusing on the potential the infection was imported by cargo. Bloomfield said surface testing was in progress at an Auckland cool store where a man from the contaminated family worked.

With around 1,500 affirmed cases and 22 passings, New Zealand’s presentation to the infection stays well underneath numerous other created countries.

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