BH Number Series: What is this New Proposition?

BH Number Series: What is this New Proposition?
BH Number Series: What is this New Proposition?


The introduction of Bharat license plates is for the benefit of working persons with transferrable jobs. The BH series number plate and the regulations governing new number plates in India will be discussed in this article. (Indian license plates)

In India, a registration or license number is attached to every motor vehicle on the road. The Regional Transport Office (RTO), which is the top decision-making body in each state’s district, issues the vehicle registration plate, also known as the number plate. Both the front and back of the car are covered with license plates.


New Number Plates: BH series number plate 

The government suggests a new line of automobiles: Bharat Number Plate (BH series number plate). For the registration of personal cars owned by members of the armed forces, workers of the federal and state governments, PSUs, and businesses and organizations in the private sector with offices in five or more states or UTs, the road transport ministry has suggested a new system of BH series.

The Bharat Series, often known as the BH series, is a line of license plates for non-transportation vehicles that was first released in India on August 28, 2021. Registration for the event began on September 15, 2021. Previously, owners could only retain their cars in another state for a year under section 47 of the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. The registration of the car was expected to be transferred from the current state to the new state after this period. Every time the owner relocates, the car with a BH series registration does not require a transfer registration. The BH series license plate is still legal in India.


What are the features of the BH series? 

  1. Everywhere in the nation, the BH series license plate is recognizable.
  2. Only non-transport vehicles are intended for the BH series.
  3. On a white backdrop, the numerals are written in black type.
  4. This license plate stands out owing to its distinctive format, YY BH #### XX. Except for the letters O and I, the license format is specifically created with the year of registration (YY), BH (Bharat series), and 4 numerals followed by 2 alphabets.
  5. It saves both time and energy.
  6. For this series, you may pay the road tax (good for 14 years) online. Road tax must be paid yearly after the 14-year validity period. 


Application for the BH Number Series 

The RTO grants permission for the BH series after the necessary State Authorities verify and examine the vehicle owner’s eligibility.

The following is the step-by-step process for the BH series number plate:

Step 1: Log in to the MoRTH Vahan website and choose “BH series”

Step 2: Complete form 20 (if the car dealer is filing on the owner’s behalf) or form 60. (employees of the private sector).

Step 3: Submit a copy of your official government identification, together with copies of your work permit and employment ID if you are a private sector employee.

Step 4: Complete the online payment. You can include the payment of your MV tax here if necessary.

The BH series registration number plate will be generated via the Vahan portal in random order when the aforementioned stages have been finished. All Indian states and union territories accept this license plate.


What is the purpose behind the BH series Number Plate? 

It might be difficult to move an automobile or a two-wheeler to another state. To re-register a car in the state to which it will be moved, one must first get a NOC from the present state. Another concern is having to pay road tax to the subsequent state once more. 

People with transferable occupations, such as those in the military, railroads, other branches of government, or even in the private sector working for multinational corporations, sometimes have to deal with this onerous paperwork and procedure involving their automobiles. With the introduction of this new method, the discomfort will be eliminated. Because of this, the Indian government introduced the Bharat number plate.


Who is eligible for the BH Number Series Plate? 

Even with restrictions, only salaried people in India are eligible for the new BH series number plate (Bharat number plates).

  1. Every government worker
  2. Any employee in a PSU undertaking  
  3. In the private sector, but only on the condition that the employer has locations in at least four States or Union Territories.


Changes in the taxation system for this series

The tax structure has changed as a result of the new BH series. According to the new taxation system, the owner of a vehicle with a value of less than ten lakh rupees must pay an 8% road tax.

However, the owner must pay a 10% road tax if the vehicle’s price is between 10 and 20 lacks.

Similarly to this, owners of vehicles costing more than twenty lakh rupees must pay a twelve per cent road tax.

Additionally, the taxes for certain vehicles varies depending on the power source. A two per cent additional tax is applied to each price category for automobiles with diesel engines. However, the owner of a car with an electric motor saves 2% on taxes on their vehicle. 

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