Centre Ready To Pause Agri Laws, Farmers’ Unions Say Will Consider Offer

Farmers Protests an Opposition manoeuvre
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New Delhi: The government is willing to set the three controversial farm laws on stay for one-and-half years and will communicate it to the Supreme Court in an affidavit, farmers who attended the 10th round of negotiations this evening told NDTV. The farmer unions, which are keeping up for abolishing the farm laws, asserted they would consider the proposal.  The government, they told, has become intimidated by their schedules for a massive tractor rally on Republic Day.

“The government placed a new proposal before us in the tenth round meeting – it is ready to set up a special committee which will consider all our demands along with the three new laws,” asserted Balkishan Singh Brar of the All India Kisan Sabha.

“The government also proposed that until the committee completes the review, all three new laws will be put on hold for one-and-a-half-year,” he added.

The farm laws were put on hold for at least two months by the top Court in a decree last week. The court had appointed a special committee; talks over the matter with all perspectives, allotting it two months to relinquish it. The farmers, nevertheless, had not ratified the panel, asserting all four of its members are pro-government. One of the members furthermore resigned.

“The government is scared and is looking for ways to save its skin,” Mr Brar said. The farmers, he asserted, will come upon the police tomorrow to talk over the programme of the January 26 rally.

The farmers asserted they anticipate at least 1,000 tractors to take part in the rally, which rolls along the city’s border.

The government has disapproved of the rally, announcing such a rally on the Republic Day would disconcert the country.

In spite of a plea by the government, the Supreme Court had denied to take an opinion on the tractor rally and announced that the Delhi Police could take a call on the matter.

The next meeting between the government and farmers will be held on January 22.

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