Chartered Accountant is one of the Prominent Career Opportunity in Commerce

Chartered Accountant

One of the reputed professions and boosting the career of an individual is Chartered
Accountant. Many individuals are now choosing this profession for enhancing their careers.
Commerce education is beneficial in getting the skills to become CA in a multi-national
company. A person who is proficient in such activities that the concerned person will be good
in business and finance area. The professional will be good in auditing skills, taxation
profession, and basic or advanced management.

Some of the people will have queries in their mind that why they need to utilize such
profession for developing their career. Also, some are not aware of the benefits of choosing
CA as their career growth. What is the scope of such profiles and how much an individual
will earn monthly and annually?

Here we’ll discuss and grab the complete knowledge. In India, there are a number of
companies that are registered. As per the details given by MCA named as Ministry of
Corporate Affairs, approximately there are a number of 300 registration are to be done
annually. If we do the analysis of complete data, then in 1947, there were around 15000
organizations available in India. And then in the coming 20 years, there were around 1000
companies which got registered in India annually. And then from the year 1970 to 1985, there
were around 6000 companies which were got registered each year. Then, from the year 1985
to 2005, almost the number exceeded to 30000 organizations which are available across the
country. From 2005 to 2015, there were 80000 organizations registered.

Because of this education, there are many companies that are working to increase business
across the globe. Therefore, Chartered Accountant is beneficial for managing the accounts and financial stuff.
Nowadays, when there is a government change and they have given the GST on some of the
products. The companies who are included in such GST services, need to give complete
details of taxes to the government. These all processes need to include the work which is to
be done by a Chartered Accountant.

Therefore, there is a huge need for such people who are going to manage the organization's
account and taxes details. There is a government portal, where all the tax details are to be
uploaded via online medium.

Chartered Accountant is one of the leading knowledgeable professions which can be
chosen by an individual to develop their skills. All the government people work need to be
handled by an Account General for every state. The people who aim to make their way in
such a profile, feel proud in maintaining the process after doing a lot of hard work.

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