COVID-19 Concerns: China Temporarily Bans Entry of Indian Travelers


China, on November 5, for the time being, dangled the entry of people from India, as well as foreign nationals traveling from the country, on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, affirming that Indians possessing valid Chinese visas or residence permits will not be consented to enter the country.

In New Delhi, the Chinese embassy asserted that the country’s consulates and the embassy would not trample health declaration questionnaires for those who hold specific categories of visa or residence permits.

“Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s hereby announced that China has decided to temporarily suspend the entry into China by foreign nationals in India holding valid Chinese visas or residence permits,” the statement said. It stated, “China will make further adjustment and announcement in accordance with the ongoing pandemic situation in a timely manner.”

“Foreigners with emergency or humanitarian needs to visit China can submit visa application to the Chinese Embassy/Consulates in India,” it further asserted. In accordance with the Chinese media reports, nationals of the UK, Belgium, and the Philippines are also not allowed to enter China. Foreigners holding diplomatic, service, courtesy, and C visas do not have an effect on, by the decision. The entry into China with visas given out after November 3 is not affected, the embassy stated.

Responding to the decision, informants in the government said the Chinese embassy’s announcement indicates that it is just a temporary measure and that changes can be expected in a “timely manner”. They noted that future visa applications have not been banned and that visas issued after November 3 were valid for travel to China.

Nevertheless, New Delhi is in touch with Beijing to facilitate the indispensable travel of Indians to and from China, they said. Sources also said that China possibly took the step due to the "rise in Covid-19 cases globally, aggravated by the advent of autumn and winter in the northern hemisphere”.

“With regard to the planned VBM flight on November 6 from Delhi-Wuhan-Delhi, the embassy has not received the required clearances from the Chinese authorities, who have indicated that more discussions are required in order to process the clearances. The proposed flight on November 6 is, therefore, being rescheduled,” the Indian embassy statement said.

Written by Ritik Gupta

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