Different ways to Secure Your Business from a Cyber Attack

Different ways to Secure Your Business from a Cyber Attack

What is the biggest problem when it comes to business?

You can ask any business owner the answer always will be same that is Cyber Attack.

Cyber-attacks continuously remain the main concern of most of the company’s owners.

Worry can’t come without reason

Current research determined that in 2018 there were three-layered the amount of medical industry computer data violation in the medical industry than the last year, with more than 12 million medical records disclosed!

A self-regulating 2019 inquiry headed researchers to various findings: there was 1,300-plus data violation leaving 440 million personal data disclosed!

But after many studies the result is same there no change in the last result. 58% of the total calculation of 2018 cyber-attacks was mainly aimed at small and medium size business corporations. The number of cybercrime is increasing day by day and there is no way to control it. The expenses of controlling in these types of crime is 1, 00,000. In that time company of all sizes whether it is small or large every management right now all have same problem. Aside from technical and learned security techniques, the company can take a related insurance policy which can assist them in getting the lost amount – with the coverage paying for associated losses.

There are some two associated claim following

Two Data violation Insurance Claim

  1. Ransom ware Coverage

An employee of a company working at one of the position of a global agency mistakenly opened an email that disclosed the business computer operation to a virus, possibly damaging up to 600 and 6000 servers all over in the world.

The agency hired a chartered a global IT forensics association to handle the misfortune. This included the ransom amount which is demanded by the hackers with the forensic expenses which are indulged by the forensic team.

After the intervention of IT forensics team the ransom amount go down from Rs.100000 to 90000 after the process moves forward for getting the data.

  1. Negligence Coverage
    A patient was furious when she found a nurse employed at the doctor’s practice had been exposed her medical data. She blamed the nurse of disclosing her private medical records as well as her individual information to the stranger. Patient also claimed that they shared default data to insult her.
    After all this the doctor’s office issued a statement that there is a standing policy of not permitting access and disclosure of patient information. If any of the circumstances the detailed disclosed of the patients, so liable member have to pay penalty.

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