How the Confusion Regarding Conduct of Final Year Exams has Affected the Students

final year exam

Amidst the chaos the pandemic has caused, students have been suffering a lot. Education being an important field should not be excused but it also shouldn’t be the cause of one’s confusion, anxiety, fear and depression.

Education holds a high value and it should be fair to all. This sudden rife has raised questions whether exams should be conducted or not. Initially exams were postponed but with an increase in the number of people affected every day the decision went under multiple alterations.

After UGC made it mandatory for exams to be conducted. The case was further taken to the Supreme court where the hopes of almost every final year student were shattered. Examinations are important but conducting them during this pandemic drags a lot of lives to the rim.

UGC has given an option to conduct exams either in online or offline mode or a mix mode. But many students who reside on the outskirts, do not have access to the internet and most of the states are not in a position to conduct exams in offline mode. Even though such issues arose, many universities held exams for final year students following the guidelines stated by UGC.

Students feel trapped and unfair with the decision taken which is clearly not in their favour. They do understand the importance of exams but in a situation like this, they do feel the need of them getting cancelled. Final year students have been by default made to waste half of the year which has already put them in a difficult situation. Companies have refused to recruit them unless they give their exams or have attained their degrees. This has made it more difficult for them and put them under pressure. After being in a confused state for so long, they have become demotivated which may or may not affect their academics.

In this chaos, students have been experiencing a roller coaster which has only been going downhill. In a situation where the whole world is struggling to find a way out, students have been dealing with a whole different construction of roads leading them to dead ends.

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Written by Amrita Bhambhani

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