What is Happening ? Another Dalit Girl Falls Prey to Gang Rape and Subsequent Death in Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh

Gang Rap in UP

As the country protests and anticipates equity for the 19-year-old Dalit lady from Hathras, another Dalit girl was supposedly ruthlessly gangraped and killed in Balrampur in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday.

A 22-year-old Dalit undergraduate student was sexually assaulted and raped in the Gaisari town of Balrampur. On Tuesday, the second-year B.Com student had gone to a college in a close by town to pay her fees. As indicated by the family, she worked in a private firm. The family guaranteed that the girl was abducted on her way back home and she was raped by at least 2 men.


 She purportedly got back home in a cart in an oblivious state and had her legs and spine broken. The young lady glanced stunned and in a genuine condition, provoking her folks to surge her to a close by clinic, yet she passed on in transit. The family has additionally claimed that the girl was drugged before she was raped. Portraying the occurrence, Balrampur Superintendent of Police Dev Ranjan Verma stated, “The family said that the lady didn’t arrive at home on time on Tuesday. They attempted to reach her yet couldn’t connect. After some opportunity she got back home in a cart with a glucose drip appended to her arm and she was in an awful state. The family members took her to a clinic yet she died on the way.”


 As indicated by the mother of the person in question, she couldn’t talk when she returned home and could just figure out how to absolute the words, “I am in a great deal of agony, I won’t endure.”

“She had gone to complete her admission at 10 am toward the beginning of the day. We have the receipts. On her way back 3-4men coercively put her in their vehicle, infused her and raped her. They [accused] crushed her back and her legs and sent her in a cart. She had no energy left to try and walk,” the mother told the media as she sobbed.


In light of an objection recorded by the casualty’s sibling, the Balrampur police enlisted a case and captured two blamed Shahid and Sahil on charges for gangrape and murder.

The police additionally said that the casualty was assaulted in the back room of a supermarket in the Gaisari town. The casualty’s shoes were found outside the room and the proprietor of the supermarket is the supposed planner of the wrongdoing. In any case, police have rejected that the victim’s legs or spine were broken. Making fast moves for the situation, both charged for the situation have been captured. Nonetheless, the reports of legs and back being broken have not been affirmed by the posthumous report,” the police said. The police examination likewise uncovered that the accused had attempted to get the casualty treated subsequent to assaulting her. They called a close by doctor to come and see the person in question however the specialist got dubious of the circumstance and wouldn’t treat her without a gatekeeper.

Addressing the media, the doctor stated, “A kid named Sahil came to call me around 5 pm. He

took me to his uncle Shahid’s basic food item shop. At the point when I came there they instructed me to see a patient from their family. I saw that the room was unfilled and asked them who the lady was. They revealed to me she is the girl of an administration secretary. I said I won’t treat her until a lady or senior from the region is absent. They advised me to return to my center and said they will call the secretary and get the casualty to my facility. I don’t have the foggiest idea where they pursued that.”

The doctor likewise affirmed that the casualty didn’t have an IV trickle connected when he saw her.

“At the point when I went there she was lying on a couch and her stomach badly injured. I disclosed to her I won’t treat her on the grounds that no watchman is available. At the point when I was there, there was no glucose drip on her arm,” he said


 Much the same as the Hathras gangrape situation where police incinerated the casualty in the dead of the night, the Balrampur casualty was incinerated in a rush late Tuesday night. The incineration occurred in Gaisari in the midst of substantial police organization. As per local news, the victim was announced dead at 8.30 pm on Tuesday and was incinerated inside an hour at 10.30 pm. The last ceremonies were performed following a postmortem directed on the body. In any case, local people have said that the memorial service was directed with the consent of the casualty’s family.


Written by Ojasvi Taak

His name is Ojasvi Taak, currently pursuing law in his final year of the B.A.LL.B (H) integrated course. He wants to write and is inclined towards journalism and studies law to gain an insight of what makes the world, the way it is.

He is a product of multilingual north indian cultures and believes in not restricting oneself in one colour. An avid reader of indian history and philosophy, always tries to make sense of what was and what is. He thinks he can create art in the form of sketches and painting. He is always open to expand his horizons and is also a lover of travel. He wants to use his voice to make people aware about their rights.

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