A 9-year-old boy from US is the highest-paid YouTuber of 2019, earners Rs. 225 crores via videos

highest Paid YouTuber in US

Ryan, who hails from Texas, is a toy critic on YouTube and his channel has more than 27 million subscribers.

Last year, he came to be the highest-paid YouTuber for the second year in a row, earning put up $26 million, an enormous leap from his 2018 earnings of $17 million.

As anticipated, he has once again come to be the highest-earning YouTuber of the year after earning approximately $30 million in 2020. Moreover, he earned $200 million from clothes with his branding. He also got into a contract with Marks and Spencer pyjamas, which gave rise to more fortune for the kid.

That’s not it! The kid has also reportedly approved a multimillion contract with Nickelodeon for his own television sequel.

Known as a “child influencer” on the internet, Kaji first prepared YouTube videos in March 2015 when he saw other kids his age making unboxing and review videos on the forum. As per The Guardian, his early response to that was – “How come I’m not on Youtube when all the other kids are?”

The enthusiasm of his success has improved his family in manners more than one, for they dropped their actual surname Guan and kept Kaji – his on-screen surname. Jointly, they now operate 9 YouTube channels. But not everything was smooth-sailing for Ryan and his family.

The previous year, Ryan’s parents were condemned by consumer watchdog Truth in Advertising of not ultimately divulging sponsored content. They let out in an announcement they always accepted with advertisement rules.

Ryan isn’t the only kid on the fence with a tremendous stature for checking out social media toys.

Boram, a 7-year-old from South Korea, is prominent on YouTube with over 30 million subscribers from two channels – Boram Tube Vlog and Boram Tube ToyReview.

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