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Outraging the Modesty of Women

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The topic talks about the eve-teasing, inappropriate behaviour kind of things which has been faced by the women which were done the male or men. All this kind of behaviour now has been penalized under The Indian Penal Code, 1860 (IPC). These kinds of things are now considered as an offence in the eyes of law and the person who does it shall be liable for the punishment under this.

These kinds of laws come into existence when there is increasing in crime against the women and they are suffering nor they have any justice, then they come and to also strengthen the women.

Outrage the Modesty of Women

It comes under section 354 of IPC.

The word “outrage” means when someone tries to harm or injure someone or to disrupt.

The word “modesty” means dignity, reputation, of someone.

The whole context says that when someone tries to injure or gave harm to the dignity or integrity of women.

The section says that when some person by assault or criminal force against any woman with intention of outrage her modesty or he has knowledge by this act this can happen shall be considered as outrage the modesty of women.

Punishment: Any person who does this shall be liable to the imprisonment of not less than one year which may extend to five years and also be liable to fine.  

Sexual Harassment

It falls under section 354A of IPC.

According to this, any man committing any of the following acts with women: –

  • Physical contacts and advances to be showing by women unwelcome and explicit deny; or
  • A demand or request for sexual favors; or
  • Showing her pornographic content without her will; or
  • Making sexual remarks

Shall be considered as an offence of sexual harassment.


  • Any person who commits any offence in clause (i) or (ii) or (iii) shall be punishable with rigorous imprisonment of a term of three years or fine or both.
  • Any man who commits an offence in clause (iv) shall be punished for a term of one year or fine or both.

Disrobe a Woman

It comes under section 354B of IPC.

Any man with the use of assault or criminal force with intention of making a woman disrobe her clothes or tries to make her naked is known as disrobe a woman.

Punishment: Any man who does this shall be liable for imprisonment of not less than three years which may extend to seven years also pay the fine.


It comes under section 354C of IPC.

In the mentioned cases: –

  1. Any man who watches, or captures any images or video of women when she was involved in any kind of private act or situation, where she believes she was not to be seen or observed; or
  2. That man disseminates or make copies or distribute them

Punishment: That person shall be liable for imprisonment for three years and a fine in the first scenario.

Or in the second, it will liable for three years or may extend to seven years and pay a fine.


It falls under the section 354D of IPC.

Any man who: –

  • Follows a woman and contact or attempt to contact her, try to create a personal interaction with the clear indication of disinterest by her; or
  • Monitor her on the internet, email, or any other electronic form of communication.

Shall commits offence of stalking.

Exceptions of Stalking

Under these cases the stalking cannot consider offence: –

  • The man was doing it for the prevention of her or a detective crime by the state.
  • It was done under the pursuance of law or compliance with any requirement given by law.
  • In this, the man has a reasonable ground or justified or under a particular circumstance.

Punishment: Whoever commits an offence under clause (i) shall be punishable with three years and also for fine; or

Whoever commits an offence under clause (ii) liable for a term extend to five years and also liable for a fine.

Written by Ankush Aggarwal

Ankush Aggarwal is a final year Law Student of BA.LLB Integrated Course, He is a very career-oriented person and very enthusiastic about his future and Law field. He has a keen interest in Intellectual Property Rights, Criminal Law, Human Rights, and Property Law. He likes to write articles and give speeches or Lectures on Law topics and also has an interest in listening to podcasts.


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