Nidhi Razdan Deceived by the Name of Harvard University

Nidhi Razdan Deceived by the Name of Harvard University
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New Delhi: We always read news like cyberattacks, cybercrime, online fraud. But it would be shocking to read how the name of Harvard University systematically deceived a well-known news anchor and journalist of a big channel. Nidhi Rajdan himself tweeted about it.

Nidhi Rajdan had announced on social media last year that he had received an offer from Harvard University to join as an associate professor. He had received such a letter and other information from Harvard University. Nidhi quit her job at Chanel when she got a chance to teach at this prestigious university and started preparing for this new project. The 21-year-old job that Nidhi left for Harvard’s offer turned out to be a sham.

In fact, in an email he received in September, he was told what course and how to take it. But she was due in September 2020. But the Covid-19 outbreak has delayed the process. He was then informed by (allegedly) Harvard that classes would begin in January. Corona did not pay much attention to this situation as it is a ‘new normal’ in universities everywhere.

Although January did not see much movement in the class, Nidhi approached senior officials in the Harvard University administration. At that time, the administration requested them to show him the documents related to this job. Then the real sort of thing unfolded. It turned out that these documents, which looked very real, were fake. Harvard did not offer Nidhi Rajdan any.

As soon as he came to know about this type of fraud, Nidhi contacted the police and gave them all the proofs of email communication. Police are investigating further.

Written by Ritik Gupta

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