Nova Launcher 7 to launch soon: Here’s a list of changes that you must know about

Nova Launcher 7 to launch soon
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Nova Launcher is debatably one of the most downloaded third-party launcher app usable on the Google Play Store. The app approximately for over ten years has enabled Android users to get a neater look and customise the UI to a great extent without the demand to root their smartphones. Nevertheless, lately, it has become challenging for the developers to consolidate new changes from AOSP to it. The launcher is based on the open-source Launcher2 app in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

Launcher2 was deprecated by Google, being supplanted by Launcher3 since the delivery of Android 7.1 Nougat. This steered developers having significant problems in blending AOSP to the launcher. To jam this problem, TeslaCoil, the developer will soon be releasing Nova Launcher (version 7), which is presently in its beta phase. Version 7 gives rise to a rewrite of the app, altering its core from Launcher2 to Launcher3.

Separated from the base modification, the app will moreover receive many design tweaks and new exuberances. If you desire to try out Nova Launcher (version 7), you can download the official beta APK from the Nova Launcher Discord channel.

Nova Launcher 7 – Features you must infer

One of the apparent essential features will be updated visuals and liveliness, like new folder niche exuberance, folder customisation alternatives, immersive windows, fresh icon configuration and much more.

The card environment and horizontal app drawer manner will no longer be usable in the app. Nevertheless, the company is presently fascinating response on this and might give rise to these back with a delayed update if they discover adequate desire and demand.

Improvements to the launcher consist of radial folder icon configurations, upright paginated folder scrolling, swipe down activity on icons, bar lowermost layout, Nova search window alternatives, save APK choice and more.

Apart from the features mentioned above, several bug fixes will likewise escort public delivery of Nova launcher 7.

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