Obscene Photos of Hindu Gods on Amazon; #BoycottAmazon Trends

Image Source - Google | Image by techcrunch

A couple of days after the boycott of Tanishq Jewels came out in the open on the account of their advertising Hindus on how to celebrate the festival; Amazon was seen selling products like t-shirts, undergarments, mats and even swimsuits with obscene photos of Hindu gods. But the qualm was: why did Amazon allow those images to get even posted on the website at first? As a consequence, this met with severe displeasure expressed by netizens calling out Amazon for its Hindu phobic acts. After the affair trending for plenty of days, the company took action against the same and took down to products. For the record, no kind of apology has been come out from Amazon as an act of being apologetic.

#BoycottAmazon became the apex and top trend of the day, and users also shared pictures of other products on the website with images of Hindu divinities and pious symbols imprinted on them. Not only doormats, but t-shirts, rugs and undergarments with pictures of Hindu gods were also spotted on the website.






Nevertheless, most of the users are slamming a foreign website of US retailer for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus with their products which do not appear on the Amazon India website.

This is not for the first time that Amazon is standing in front of such a backlash online. Earlier this year, the e-commerce company received a massively grave criticism from Netizens for selling doormats and bathroom rugs with pictures of Lord Ganesha and the spiritual symbol Om along with the Indian flag around the Republic day.


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