One of the biggest containment zone will be Palam, Raj Nagar Part 2, New Delhi

Rajnagar Part-2 into Containment Zone
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In this containment zone there will be 1 lakh people and each and every person shall be tested for Corona. The test of Corona shall be done by rapid testing kits.

In the capital city of India, New Delhi, one of the most biggest containment zone will be Palam Raj Nagar Part 2; in this area there will be different containment zones each of those zone own shall be combined. The combination of containment zones shall be collectively a zone for the fight against corona.

In the leadership of DM Rahul Singh, SDM Chandra Shekhar has given the orders. According to administration, in this containment zone there will be 1 lakh people. The size of population is large this size of population is also a challenge for the administration. Police as well as municipal corporation of Delhi is working on plan to make a successful containment zone in the area of Rajnagar. 

Stages of containment

In the first stage of containment, F and H block shall be contained. As of now when this article is written the number of people were affected or infected from corona is 180 people. Everyone who is affected from Corona is admitted in Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Corona Centre.

The sole aim of creation of such a big containment zone is to test each and every person who lies in that zone. Each and every person who is in the containment zone those people shall be tested with rapid testing kits. The people who are affected shall be separated from the people who are healthy right now and they shall be offered the right medical attention they require. 

On 7th July, in Raj Nagar part-2; 8 containment zone was made. The containment zone will stretch from Street Number – 8, 13, 2, 16 to Shyam apartment. 

Despite many attempts to control corona, 10 to 15 people are daily affected from it. Due to this large number of people are are getting affected by infection which are daily increasing. 

Administration decided to make Raj Nagar Part-2 of containment zone as a whole.

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