Outraging Pics from US Capitol Siege by Pro-Trump Mob

Under heavy guard, Congress back to work after Trump supporter
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New Delhi: Among the unusual snapshots that came out of the Capitol on Thursday was a faction of Donald Trump backers wearing an outfit with horns and carrying the Confederate flag. A loudspeaker inside the building’s halls exemplifies American democracy.

Several of them are also not wearing masks, despite the danger masqueraded by the storming coronavirus pandemic. The shirtless pro-Trump man glimpsed in a fur hat with buzzers and brown pants was later discerned stepping into the large hall where the joint session of Congress was held. The US House and Senate were compelled into the emergency closet as the gang invaded the police.

Supporters of Donald Trump forcibly enter the Capitol on Thursday (Image Source – Google | Image by AFP)

“This flag better be banned by the end of the year. This is terrorism. They were traitorous then, and they are traitorous now,” a Twitter user Katie Clifford said.


3:59 AM · Jan 7, 2021

Other correlated photos demonstrate Trump’s presidential induction four years ago in a picture-perfect frame, under a blue sky, and the turbulent strides of the Capitol where teargas smoke hung in the winter air.

“The incoming attorney general should launch a prompt and impartial investigation into efforts to subvert the democratic process,” Amnesty International deputy executive director Tirana Hassan tweeted.

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11:40 AM – Jan 7, 2021

Hours later, the US Congress formally ratified Joe Biden as the next President, swapping a hammer blow to Trump. Lawmakers in the Senate and House of Representatives successfully stave off Republican efforts to refute Biden the electoral votes required to win, urging loud cheers when the certification was declared openly.

The Donald Trump supporter argues with a police officer inside the Capitol (Image Source – Google | Image by AFP)

The commitment of Biden’s 306-232 triumph over Trump in November practically shuts down the door on the unusual and deeply contentious action by Trump and his patriots to turn topsy-turvy the outcomes of the 2020 election.

During the mob unrest in the Capitol, police asserted that one woman from southern California was shot and massacred and that three other people succumbed in the area under ambiguous circumstances.

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