Japanese YouTuber Makes Portable PlayStation 4 inside Briefcase

PlayStation 4 inside Briefcase
PlayStation 4 inside Briefcase

Having a portable PlayStation is every gamer’s fantasy brought to existence by a Japanese machinist. Conveying their innovation on social media, Twitter user DX Terraria asserted that the mobile video game console was “finally complete” after ten months of hard work.


The portable PlayStation 4 has been reassembled into a silver briefcase, with a flip-up veil that doubles up as a screen to play on. A tape of the portable PS4 turning on and the beginning has got on viral on the microblogging arena.

The acrylic lid on the console exterior is stabilized with a magnet, which implies that it can be effortlessly wiped out to alter the inner game disc.

The extraordinary innovation weighs 6.4 kilograms and is approximately the magnitude of a PlayStation 5.

While resolving the questions of exciting netizens, the machinist asserted that it had cost them 50,000 yen (Rs 35,500) to create the portable PS4. They said that they would not trade the invention; yet, if they were to impose a console cost, it would set a buyer back approximately 150,000 yen (Rs 1.06 lakh).

The console can be charged utilizing an adaptor that can be plugged into the mains or a laptop. It has a playtime of roughly one hour. The technician augmented that they have agendas to build a portable edition of the newly-released PlayStation 5 in the coming years. They likewise shared a sneak peek of what a future portable PS5 console could look like, writing: “I want to make it happen in a few years.”

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