PM Modi Ready to Talk Over All Issues With Farmers

PM Modi Ready to Talk Over All Issues with Farmers

PM Narendra Modi, vigorously upholding laws that have accelerated enormous agriculturalist objections near Delhi, asserted he was willing “with folded hands” to talk over every matter and satisfy interests.

“If anyone has any concerns, then with our heads bowed, our hands folded, with humility, we are willing to allay their fears,” PM Modi said, addressing farmers in Madhya Pradesh via video. He also said talk about MSP or Minimum Support Prices ending with the new laws “is the biggest lie ever”.

PM Modi asserted farming reforms were reviewed for over two decades by every government.

“These laws were not brought in overnight. In past 22 years, every government, state has discussed these in detail. Farmer groups, agricultural experts, economists, scientists and progressive farers have called for reforms. Parties opposing these laws today promised these reforms in their manifestos,” said the PM.

“These parties are pained today. They are asking themselves, what we couldn’t do, how could Modi do? Why should he get credit? My reply to them is – you keep the credit. Even I will give credit to your own manifestos. I don’t want credit. I want farmers’ lives to improve. Stop misleading farmers.”

The Prime Minister’s speech was a fraction of the government’s significant outreach to farmers amid revolts on freeways near Delhi over the legislation passed in September. Giving prominence to the necessity for reforms, PM Modi asserted Indian farmers could not languish behind the world in aptitudes.

“Today I want to expose those who have absolutely no care or genuine concern for you – our anna-daata (farmers). I want to caution all those who are being misled and instigated in the name of these farm laws,” the Prime Minister said.

He cited the Congress vow during the 2018 censuses in provinces like Madhya Pradesh, to relinquish farm loans. “What loud and large promises were made before the Madhya Pradesh elections, that if they win, they will write off all the farm loans for every farmer in the state within 10 days. They do nothing but lie and try to use you with promises or by playing on your fears,” he said.

“These people are used to lying, using you for votes.”

Written by Ritik Gupta

His name is Ritik Gupta; currently pursuing law. He has always kept pride as his everything. He deems writing as not like any other hobby but a reflection of one’s intellectuality. He likes to research on the parasitic problems and then lay them down in such a means that can be of assistance to the society. He just not studies law but treats it a controversial weapon to defeat the wrong.

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