Pravaig Extinction Mk1; India’s very own Electric car

Pravaig Extinction Mk1; India’s very own Electric car
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Bangalore-based mobility start-up Pravaig Dynamics, an emerging electric car manufacturer have made the debut reveal of the new electric car called Pravaig Exctinction Mk1. Extinction mk1 is a two door coupe design with a swooping roof line. Pravaig claims that the car will deliver 504 km of range on one full charge with a 0-80 percent charging capability in 30 minutes. The power output is slated to be about 202 hp and 2,400 Nm of torque. It claims a top speed of 196 km/h and a 0-100 sprint time of 5.4 seconds. The performance stats clearly shows that, this EV sedan will not be a slow going sedan, but a thrilling and quick one, as compared to other mainstream combustion engine sedans which are currently available in the Indian market.

 The company is being run by Siddhartha Bagri as the CEO, COO Dhawal Vinayak and CSO Ram Divedi. As for what is known about their upcoming luxury electric car, it seems to be a impressive addition to the EV options in the Indian market. The Indian market already has handful of EV choices, with Hyundai Kona electric, Morris Garage ZS EV and the newly-launched Mercedes-Benz EQC. So Pravaig’s Extinction should be a suitable competitor in the rather recently formed electric car market in India.

In terms of design, the Extinction Mk1 is rather futuristic with sharp lines and a sleek bar design for the head and tail lamps. The coupe-style car will easily stand out in the crowd, even amongst the EVs currently on sale in India, and resembles a bit with the Lucid Air. 

 Pravaig is aiming to produce around 250 units of the Extinction MK1 every year, but the price tag is still a question mark. Considering the fact that it is an electric sedan with a pretty decent performance, it won’t surely be cheap to be honest.

It will be initially sold in cities like Bengaluru and Delhi, before the EV startup adds more cities on the list. As air pollution level increases year by year in major cities, India needs more EV start-ups like Pravaig Dynamics which would not only help in drastically decreasing the carbon emission levels but at the same time satisfying the adrenaline rush of the car enthusiasts with mind boggling performance stats, which the electric engines are without doubt more than capable enough in providing, to be honest.

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