Project Big Picture And Why It Was Rejected

Project Big Picture And Why It Was Rejected
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The FA, Premier League and the UK Government stopped the preposterous changes proposed by the Premier league giants- Manchester United and Liverpool FC. So, let us see what this project was and why it was such a big revolution since Premier League’s inception.

What is Project Big Picture?

Every once in a while there are some changes brought to a game, be it football or cricket. Some are accepted while other are heavily revolted against. Project Big Picture was of the latter one. Proposed by two Premier League giants- Manchester United and Liverpool FC, and backed by English Football League (EFL) chairman Rick Parry, it proposed the following chances to be made in the Premier League:

  • The Premier League to be reduced from 20 to 18 clubs.
  • The EFL Cup and the Community Shield to be scrapped.
  • 16th placed Premier League club to join a play-off with Championship teams in third, fourth, and fifth.
  • Nine Premier League clubs (Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Man United, Man City, Southampton, Tottenham, West Ham) to be given special power over rule changes, broadcasting rights, and even club takeovers.
  • Creation of a $250 million rescue fund for EFL clubs.
  • 25% of Premier League annual revenue (instead of just 4%) to go to EFL clubs, and scrapping of parachute payments (money given to clubs when they are relegated).
  • Price caps on tickets to away games.
  • A redesigned loan system, an extended pre-season, and a later league start date.
  • Funding will be provided to set up a new and independent women’s league.

Currently, all the premier league clubs gets a say on big decisions but by these changes, the premier league will see the power shift in the hands of ‘Big 6’ clubs- Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham. Even though Everton, Southampton and West Ham remain in the vote, they will not have significant impact with respect to the Big 6.

Thus, Premier League’s smaller clubs will have practically no say in what happens, with the big six holding all the power.

However, one positive thing about this project was this would help smaller clubs sustain financial burden and avoid instances of insolvency. It would also make the injection of money from the Premier League for fixing the damage caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. But again, this doesn’t mean it will always save the smaller clubs as the power would be held mostly with the big clubs.


Parry’s say on the subject, “A lot of the reaction has been hysterical. People have seen it as a power grab but I don’t see it that way.

I look at the benefits for us and if it’s taken two of our leading clubs to come up with the plan, let’s congratulate them and hopefully make something radical happen, because we need radical solutions.”

The verdict

Whatever Parry has to say, didn’t stuck well with the Premier League as well as the UK government, which condemned it, citing this deal to be a “backroom deal” which looks clearly cash grab. Not only the top official but even the fans were furious as this might ruin the premier league in the long run.

For now the Premier League has scrapped this project but there could be some changes in the proposals in the future to pass this project.

Written by khalid mustafa beg

An Army Brat and a defence aspirant, Khalid Mustafa Beg, currently pursuing B.A. LL.B. from Sharda University, hails from the hills of Jammu and Kashmir. He is a football and Manchester United fanatic and an avid reader of books and novels. He is a passionate and hard-working person who is disciplined in his approach and loves to spend time with his dear ones and is very jolly in nature. He has big ambitions and looks to give back to society and help others with his knowledge and influence.

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