RK Laxman: the “Common Man” Remembered

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An image might merit 1,000 words, however a cartoon is worth a lot more for it can make great every one of those inferred ones. What’s more, R K Laxman was one such inimitable craftsman whose personifications caught the creative mind of in excess of three ages of Indians who experienced childhood with the strokes of his pencil.

R.K. Laxman commended his 100th birthday celebration yesterday. He is additionally known by the name of ‘Common Man’. cartoons by RK Laxman continually welcome a grin all over. Today he isn’t with us, however his cartoons are still famous today. Seeing his cartoons makes everybody giggle. Laxman’s cartoons are made on the imperfections of legislative issues. On observing a portion of the political cartoons, a few people related with legislative issues blew up with him. At the point when Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister, she lost control with RK Laxman about the political cartoons. Bal Thackeray additionally thought about RK Laxman as his tutor, he was an extraordinary aficionado of his cartoons. RK Laxman left us on 26th January 2015. He passed away in Pune.

Laxman was the most youthful of seven kin, and he built up a proclivity for drawing at an early age. While at Maharaja’s College in Mysore, he showed stories by his writer sibling, R.K. Narayan, in The Hindu paper. He hence went to make political cartoons for nearby papers. He worked at The Free Press Journal in Mumbai (Bombay) with Bal Thackeray, who was a visual artist before establishing the Shiv Sena ideological group. In 1951 Laxman moved to The Times of India, where he made You Said It, which enhanced the paper’s first page into the 21st century. Laxman’s “Common Man” was clever and snide however never venomous, and his viewpoint was said to speak to that of innumerable normal Indians. The funny cartoon additionally filled in as the reason for a satire arrangement on Indian TV, R.K. Laxman Ki Duniya (2011–13).

Laxman has made numerous cartoons throughout his life. At the point when Indira Gandhi was irate with him about the drawing of legislative issues, his cartoons increased colossal prevalence. RK Laxman made a cartoon on India is Indira, around then nobody could make cartoons on governmental issues. The creation of cartoons was restricted. This cartoon was made on Indira Gandhi, so she was furious.

Indira Gandhi had said that RK Laxman ought not have made such cartoons. He later moved to Mauritius yet Laxman didn’t quit making cartoons on Indira, even after Indira Gandhi couldn’t, he used to make cartoons. RK Laxman and Bal Thackeray were excellent companions. The two have additionally made a few cartoons sitting together. Both Bal Thackeray and RK Laxman have cooperated for a long time. Bal Thackeray has addressed RK Laxman before his death.

He additionally needed to meet him, however RK Laxman was not feeling great around then, so he was unable to meet him. RK Laxman’s animation has gotten well known with the name of ‘Everyday person’. His cartoons were made over the average person. RK Laxman’s cartoons had become so well known that their display was held in London.


Laxman distributed various short stories, expositions, and travel articles, some of which were gathered in The Distorted Mirror (2003). He likewise composed the books The Hotel Riviera (1988) and The Messenger (1993) and a personal history, The Tunnel of Time (1998).

Moreover, various assortments of Laxman’s cartoons were distributed. In 2005 he was granted the Padma Vibhushan, India’s second most elevated honor.

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