Singapore Airlines Received the Highest Rating in the Global Audit of Airlines’ Health and Safety Standards Amid COVID-19

Singapore Airlines Received the Highest Rating in the Global Audit of Airlines' Health and Safety Standards Amid COVID-19
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Singapore airlines awarded a diamond rating in 2021 in the global audit of airlines’ health and safety standards amid the Covid-19. The airlines’ health and safety standards audit is based on a 58 questionnaire covering categories concerning passenger safety and well-being in this pandemic situation.

The audit is based on testing, tracing, on-the-ground procedures, in-flight measures, airline safety, and partnerships. Here’s a list of the current health and safety measures employed:[1]

  • Pre-departure measures, passenger health assessments, and contactless services.
  • Trials for a new digital health verification app, to validate a passenger’s Covid-19 test results and vaccination information.
  • Anti-microbial coating for areas in lounges and aircraft toilets.
  • Cabins are sanitized with electrostatic spraying machines containing a disinfecting agent.
  • During the flight, all customers and staff are required to wear masks unless eating or drinking. The cabin crew wears protective equipment like goggles and gloves.
  • Free e-Library with digital copies of newspapers and magazines, accessible via passengers’ tablets and mobile devices, since physical copies have been removed.
  • Simplified meal services to reduce contact.
  • High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters on all SIA aircraft, which refresh the cabin air regularly throughout the flight.

“Diamond ratings are only given to airlines with hospital-grade health safety measures and an end to end focus on wellness”, according to the APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association).

Over 33 airlines reviewed for the rating in the global audit of airlines’ health and safety standard, Singapore Airlines is one of the first 12 airlines to get certified diamond rating. SIA scored 200 points that indicate that the airlines met all the needed health standards for safety and well-being for the travelers.

Twelve global airlines have been certified thus far, including Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Spirit, Sri Lankan, Etihad, JetSmart, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Saudia, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic.[2]

Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Turkish Airlines, Air Canada, Saudia, Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, and Britain’s Virgin Atlantic have also received the diamond rating. Sri Lankan Airlines and Chile’s JetSmart have received the platinum rating.

“Approximately one-third of airlines improved their health safety procedures after being audited”, Said Dr. Joe Leader. Singapore Airlines has invested in passengers’ wellness by implementing the latest technology for health and safety in the flight. Flights with the highest health and safety rating can gain more trust of the travelers and may gain more sales for airlines in this pandemic.

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