SMS Marketing Best Practices Made Simple: What You Need To Know

SMS Marketing Best Practices Made Simple What You Need To Know

SMS marketing (short messaging service marketing) is a method that allows firms to send text messages to clients. In other terms, SMS marketing is simply texts messaging.

Businesses may use text messaging to promote brand recognition, boost engagement, and even create revenue.

It is a type of opt-in marketing in which contacts must subscribe. This distinguishes it from social marketing, in which the marketer uploads public material for others to like or follow. Consumers are increasingly more at ease connecting with businesses via mobile devices. In many circumstances, people anticipate being able to contact businesses by message or SMS.

Common types of SMS marketing examples include:

  • Personalized promotions
  • Offers or discounts
  • Remarketing
  • Surveys

Why is SMS Marketing Effective?

  • Smartphone Adoption: With 81 percent of individuals in the United States owning a smartphone in 2019, SMS is an effective approach to reach out to clients immediately. You may increase online interaction with your company by inserting a link in this paragraph.
  • Closes the Email Marketing Loop: Although email and SMS marketing strategies are comparable in many ways, they function best together. As previously said, SMS may be used to convey immediate notifications, whereas email can contain longer-form material.
  • High Engagement Rates: When compared to email, SMS engagement rates are stratospheric, with 90% of SMS messages read within 3 minutes of receipt. As a result, SMS is extremely useful for sending crucial information with a high success rate.

SMS Marketing Best Practices

  • Text messaging is an extremely effective and direct method of communicating with customers. However, there are some principles to follow while developing your SMS marketing approach. The first and most critical step is to obtain authorization from your contacts to send SMS messages to them.
  • SMS has a very high open rate, but this won’t assist you if you send messages to those who don’t want to receive them. Not to add that in most nations, opt-in is necessary.
  • People open text messages practically quickly, as opposed to email, which is only reviewed a few times each day (at most). This is fantastic for urgent communications, but don’t abuse it by startling contacts at strange hours of the day.
  • Some nations even have regulations governing when it is permissible to send commercial text messages (e.g. France does not allow SMS marketing on Sundays, holidays, or any time after 10 PM).
  • The benefit of digital marketing is that you can communicate with your clients through a variety of methods. All of these channels work together to form a marketing communication system that allows organizations to develop large-scale connections with consumers and prospects.
  • SMS and email marketing are two channels that work well together. You may construct campaigns using both channels, utilizing email for more thorough information and SMS for time-sensitive or urgent material.

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