Syrian government demands the “immediate and unconditional withdrawal” of US forces

Syrian government demands the “immediate and unconditional withdrawal” of US forces
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In a statement put out on Wednesday, the Foreign Ministry criticized the “hostile practices” of the US troops in northeastern Syria, reports Xinhua news agency.

It condemned the US forces of “systematic theft” of oil and agriculture reserves in northern Syrian and giving rise to military underpinning to that part of the nation.

The preceding government of President Donald Trump has destabilized the territory and promoted separatist actions in a bid to split up Syria and impede attaining a political remedy through favoring the “terrorist groups”, the Ministry contended.

The Ministry, meanwhile, called on the international community to denounce the US actions and occupation of Syrian territories and decry the “coercive and unilateral” penalties imposed on Syria.

The US forces have several stances in regions regulated by the Kurdish militias in northeastern Syria.

The Syrian administration has often called for the US forces’ departure, jumping on American claims that its forces are present in Syria to combat terrorist organizations.

Since late last year, the US has ramped up its military existence in Syria after numerous clashes with Russian troops.

In August 2020, seven American troopers were wounded in a concussion with a Russian vehicle, the BBC reported.

The Russian and US governments accused each other of the clash, filmed and broadcasted to Twitter.

In October 2019, Trump had agreed to vacate 1,000 US troops employing to assist the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) coalition.

But a few months later, the preceding President asserted he had concluded to maintain a few hundred troops in the country to safeguard oil wells.

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