The Sabiya Saifi Case: Latest Update!

sabiya saifi case
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Who is Sabiya Saifi?

Sabiya Saifi was a 21-year-old civil defense officer employed by Lajapat Nagar District Magistrate’s Office who had completed her degree from Jamia Millia Islamia university and used to live with her family in Sangam Vihar.

What happened to her?

On  the evening of August 26th, the victim’s family claims that Sabiya Saifi was kidnaped from her hob and was taken to Faridabad where she was allegedly raped and killed with a knife

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Her body had been mangled, her breast had been cut off and she had stab wounds on her lips. The family had called for a CBI investigation into the matters at protests for several days. They were instructed by SC to speak with the concerned HC. 

According to the complaint, false and misleading information was included in the FIR to hide the truth and protect the true offenders. The FIR was filed in Haryana even though the incident’s cause of action arose within the boundaries of Delhi.

Popular Instagram accounts are claiming that the savage killing of Delhi civil defense volunteer, Sabiya Saifi was a rape case, which is why it went viral and netizens have been calling for justice on the victim’s behalf. However, according to media and police sources, there was no rape.

The victim’s father said in the FIR that he only knew the accused as an acquaintance who had assisted his to get a job. 

Even though they have categorically ruled out the victim’s rape, the Delhi Police and Haryana Police are reportedly cooperating on the case to look into whether more people were involved.

As of now, it is said that Sabiya had allegedly married a man named Nizamuddin. They got married at Delhi court in Saket on June 11th, 2021. He had allegedly murdered her on the night of August 27.

The Delhi police cited the autopsy report that was completed before the case even gained attention as evidence that no rape occurred, and the details are now being verified, including the marriage certificates of Sabiya and her husband. The family however maintains that she was not married and demanded a CBI investigation alleging that she was raped.

The lack of any proof presented by the victim’s family that the incident involved rape, as opposed to the medical records, is the reason why mainstream media is not emphasizing this issue.


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