The Story Behind The “World’s Loneliest House”

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Shots of a tiny white house, existing all alone on an isolated island, are nowadays getting on viral online and putting on the boost to esoteric hypotheses. Christened the world’s deserted cottage, it is moreover being applauded as an introvert’s fantasy residence.

Snaps of the white house started up to go viral after they were broadcasted to Instagram last week. The portraits illustrate a scenic log cottage postured on a green hillside, enclosed by blue seas on either side.

As per The Mirror, this house is placed on Ellidaey, an isolated island south of Iceland. This tiny island is a fraction of Vestmannaeyjar, an archipelago of 15 to 18 islands. Presently, the island is stranded, but it was onetime lived in by five families. The last of these families left in the 1930s and the island has been uninhabited since then.

Rumours, suspicions and hypotheses have revolved around this white house on the isolated island for a protracted duration now. One such rumour asserts that it was constructed by a unique billionaire who scheduled to utilize it in case of a zombie apocalypse, reports The Sun.

Others have suggested that the house belongs to famous Icelandic singer Bjork or a religious hermit.

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