The Trending Korean Culture

The Trending Korean Culture

With the release of Gangnam Style in 2012, Korean culture found its recognition worldwide. From music to technology, South Korea has been excelling over the years.

1.   K-Pop

K-POP got popularised through various artists such as BTS, BLACKPINK, EXO, SEVENTEEN to name a few.

Bangtan Boys popularly known as BTS is the biggest boy band in the world according to the global news. They are the first Korean artists to have the most followers and top the Billboard 200. A group of 7 attractive members have been flaunting their talent proudly and have achieved the much deserved love and popularity. They are the epitome of the k-pop genre with catchy hip-hop and pop music.

  1. K-drama

Korea has been producing not only emphatic music but series and movies as well. The dramas have distinctive plot lines which keeps the viewers engrossed.

  1. Fashion and beauty

In recent years, contemporary fashion and beauty with a little inspiration from the west has influenced the Korean culture. Seoul fashion week has observed Korean style include variety of colours, patterns and silhouettes. Koreans have a term, “kawai” which is defined as to make everything cute.

  1. Technology

Korea is a tech haven. It has the world’s fastest internet and services. It’s got a whopping 82.7% internet penetration, while 78.5% of the population own smartphones. Enormous video game parlours are found all over the country and stadiums host epic battles between superstar gamers.

  1. Seoul

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is elegant. It’s surrounded by futuristic architecture, updated shopping malls, karaoke bars, mouth watering food items and ancient culture.

Korean culture has been the centre of attraction for a long time now and it’s popularity has been increasing every day. Few academies have started hosting online free basic Korean language learning courses. Koreans have been learning from around the world but keeping their culture at the helm. Their add modernise their culture which makes them intriguing. From music to technology they excel at everything and work harder to improve themselves.

Written by Amrita Bhambhani

An avid reader and a lover of animals, Amrita Bhambhani did her Bachelors in English Literature and aspires to be an Editor. She survives on coffee and waffles. She reads to fall in love with the handsome characters and create a space to call her own. From Classical music to painting she has been an enthusiast of art in all forms. She believes that she has a lot of miles to go before she sleeps.

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