What is Employee Appreciation Day?

What is Employee Appreciation Day
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Employee Appreciation Day is an official holiday observed on the first Friday in March.

It is a day where companies are encouraged to thank their employees for their hard work and effort throughout the year.

A 2016 study by the Harvard Business Review found that 82% of U.S. employees want more supervisors recognition.

Forbes also noted that 66% of employees would quit if they felt unappreciated.

Appreciation strengthens bonds between employees and employer, and employers who express employee appreciation increase job satisfaction.

Many organizations include employee appreciation as part of their business structure to increase morale.

2.What is the history of Employee Appreciation Day?

Bob Nelson, head of Workman Publishing, founded Employee Appreciation Day in 1995.

Nelson is a founding Recognition Professional International board member.

“Employee recognition is a key element of a successful business strategy that focuses on the acknowledgment and even celebration of employee achievements or positive behaviors,” its website writes.

“Companies and organizations that develop and employ recognition strategies to provide additional employee motivation and reinforce desired behaviors.”

Nelson has written several books on employee recognition, motivation and engagement.

2.How is Employee Appreciation Day celebrated?

Employers across the country in organizations plan employee recognition schemes and celebrations to honor the day.

Some companies reach out to their employees directly to understand how they’d like to be thanked.

The nature of company business and how employees typically celebrate play a factor in celebration decisions, too.

Some employees appreciate flexibility, while others are rewarded with little things like an office pizza party, casual dress day, or even early office closure.

Other companies like to keep employee momentum going by regularly thanking them and recognizing their good performance.

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