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Online News Website In India

The journalism in today’s media scenario has become effective considering the economic, political, and cultural agendas in the country. The online news website in India has taken place since the 1990s. The reason behind this explosion of online news is globalization, liberalization, competition, new technological development, and a more professional outlook.

In India, where it is reported that half the population is under the age of 25, the country’s youth have many aspirations for the future. Increasingly politically-conscious, the young people of India are more than ever looking to inform themselves about their country and shape its future.

Years of non-stop growth and expansion of online news websites in India because people are moving towards online news content from traditional newspapers or magazines. The online news websites in India receive millions of unique visitors every month that makes India the second-largest online news provider.

This is especially true after the economic recession of 2007, which hit India hard following 20 years of growth. The hardships that many experienced at that time have encouraged more and more young people to become aware of the events and developments that affect them and future generations.

This can be seen in the way young Indians are absorbing and discussing news of what is happening around them. The past year or so has seen the advent of online Indian newspapers in English and an increasing number of young subscribers. But what are the exact reasons for the popularity of this kind of publication?

In a world that is becoming even more interconnected, many young Indians are feeling the need to be able to communicate their views with citizens of other nations. In addition to this, in the land of regional languages that is India, English also serves to unite young people in one common discussion.

An online Indian newspaper in English can be accessed and understood by the majority, allowing Indians to create a coherent and unified discourse that applies to the whole country. Having their publications written in English is also a way of engaging with non-Indians, by introducing their domestic news and views into the international arena.

The online Indian newspaper is also popular for the same reason that many internet services are so successful; almost everything on the internet is easily accessible, and online news is readable on many devices. With an affluent and aspirational class of young people in India, being able to stay informed on affairs from their smartphones or tablets whilst leading busy lives is essential.

Whereas their parents may have preferred to read printed publications, this medium is losing out to India’s online press due to its perceived impracticality by the younger generation. The online formula also has other benefits that a printed paper cannot offer.

A major one of these benefits is that the online world often offers the opportunity to share one’s views and opinions with others instantly and directly. In a generation that is increasingly politically aware and motivated for change, a comments thread on a news website or the Facebook page of an online publication can allow young people to have their voices heard by their peers.

This is no small factor in the rise of the online Indian newspaper in English; political discussions can be had and potential solutions can be proposed by young people all over India, but from the safety of behind a computer screen and in one common language.

Finally, a key factor behind the rise of the online Indian newspaper in English is that the youth of the country are creating the news themselves. With a dynamic younger generation, new initiatives and start-ups are springing up all over the region. This includes initiatives in the areas of publication and news.

Many young Indians are starting up their newspapers, blogs, and opinion websites to share information with their compatriots as well as with the rest of the world. Although the major national press of India is also moving online to try and capture the attention of the younger readership, many young Indians are already making changes for themselves.

If the traditional news outlets of the past were not an ideal and up-to-date way of reporting on the news, then young Indians have now taken the initiative and created the solution of the online Indian newspaper in English for themselves.

The Citizen is India’s number one independent online daily newspaper, reporting on a wide range of regional and world events. The newspaper offers a combination of both news and views, including opinion pieces, exclusive stories, special features, and in-depth factual analysis of the headlines. The Citizen boasts an impressive regional and global readership and engages actively with its thousands of fans on social media. With experienced and qualified journalists at the helm of The Citizen, readers can expect only the highest standard of journalism and analysis from the newspaper. To find out more information and subscribe to The Citizen’s daily news bulletins, please visit their website: www.theasianread.com

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