What are the key points and How to Stay Motivated in Life and Business?

How to Stay Motivated in Life and Business

Humans love to take challenges when the task is to be performed in their known difficulty zone. For example, you are a good tennis player. If you will play against the 4 years old kid then you’ll get bored easily in a small amount of time. Because you need a man of your age for competing in a serious match. While playing with the kiddie is an easy job that is not challenging for you to win. Thus, anyone can feel bored while playing. Or on the other hand, when you take the challenge and play against the real player named Roger Federer or some known woman like Serena Williams. Surely, you are going to lose the match. Because these are real players and champions in this field.

Now, you can compete with an individual who is similar to you. In such circumstances, you will win some points and even there are moments when you lose also. But you will feel great as you feel the competition and hence you keep on trying to win the match. You will devote your complete concentration to winning the task and taking it as a challenge. This is the major example and key point for those who wish to know How to Stay Motivated in Life and Business?

These are states as Goldilocks Rule when the task is not that hard and not too easy. The individual feels the competition and hopes for the chance to win the match. One of the best-known examples of such a rule is Martin’s comedy career. He tries to add some new material with a few jokes in it which are stated for mandatory laughs. Yes, he also makes mistakes but tries to learn from them and work hard in improving his skills.

Always try to measure your improvement and progress

The people who are willing to get complete knowledge of how they can stay positive and motivated towards their aim. Then you need to understand one thing hard work is the key to success. The more you devote your time to improving your skills the more perfect person you are going to become. Always be happy in what you are doing and give your complete efforts and determination. In the end try to measure the quality of work how you completed the job, are satisfied with your performance. If not then try to improve yourself to become a better person. With the help of this concept, you can feel motivated and stay positive in difficult circumstances as well.

Do not feel demotivated and have negative vibes

There are situations when things are not as appropriate you want in your life. These are known to be the difficulty level in your career. The person who passes through such a phase can never feel demotivated. If you have hope and enthusiasm to achieve your aim. No one can stop you to reach your desired goal.

The same goes for business strategies. It requires plenty of tasks that are known to be easy as well as hard. You need to manage things so as to complete the job on desired time. This will make you feel motivated to keep on doing the tasks and happy.


These are some of the common ways to follow the concepts of How to Stay Motivated in Life and Business. One can follow the Goldilocks rule for achieving the same. Also, you need to examine your own progress level and improve yourself with the findings.

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